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How does SAP HANA work?

SAP HANA provides an ideal data platform for businesses to offer data-driven insights of the business as well as predict the real-time outcomes. It supports the analytical and transnational processing with advanced analytics that run securely on multi-cloud hosting and hybrid environments.

Key Benefits -

  1. Minimize Complexity - SAP HANA simplifies the IT with a single platform for trans-analytic apps. You can utilize it in order to analyze the live data and support the real-time business, whereas minimizing the footprint, data redundancy, IT operations and hardware.
  2. Function Everywhere - You can modernize the data center with deployment options of SAP HANA like private and public cloud, 1000+ certified appliance configurations through popular vendors or customized data center.
  3. Excellent Results - You can achieve excellent business outcomes through SAP HANA. You can learn how the enterprises are witnessing 575 percent ROI by utilizing SAP HANA in order to enhance the innovation and minimizing the costs of data management.

Capabilities of SAP HANA -

  1. Transform the Database Management - SAP HANA simplify the operations utilizing single copy of the enterprise data as well as secure data platform.
  2. Process In-Memory Data - It process the analytics and transactions data utilizing integration, replication or data virtualization.
  3. Develop the Next-Generation Apps - SAP HANA leverages analytical processing and hybrid transactional capabilities in order to build the next-generation apps.
  4. Leverage the Advanced Analytics - It leverages the progressive data processing engines for text, graph, spatial, series and business data.
  5. Administration - SAP HANA simplifies the IT operations and system administration with the tools, helping you in monitoring the processes, ensures the application and data security as well as achieve the constant availability.
  6. Security - Keep the communications, application services and data storage secure with the access management and robust identity controls. With SAP HANA, you can rely on the software security, encryption, patching as well as use dashboard in order to monitor the KPIs, concerned with security.

Conceptually, how SAP HANA work?

It is uniquely designed in order to ingest and replicated the structured data through non-SAP and SAP relational databases and applications instantly. There are three types of data replications, including ETL-based, log-based or trigger-based is utilized as per the desired use-case and source system. This replicated data is stored within RAM instead of loading on the disk and tradition application data storage. This data could be accessed in real-time via transactional and analytic applications, sit on the SAP HANA.

Applications supported by SAP HANA -

SAP HANA has delivered next-generation and analytic applications that are designed particularly to leverage real-time functionality provided by the HANA, such as SAP CO-PA Accelerator and SAP Smart Meter Analytics. It is highly-optimized in order to interface with SAP business objects of dash boarding, reporting as well as analytic products. The plans of SAP add HANA support for the Business Warehouse, removing the requirement for Business Warehouse Accelerator. In addition, it is migrating the Business ByDesign, on-request business suite of SAP to HANA. At present, HANA not easily provision transactional applications or non-SAP analytic with no significant re-architecting application.

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