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How much SAP HANA cost?

Over the couple of years, numerous companies are set to undertake biggest software transformation. The aim is to implement various different SAP software products, such as SAP HANA. Nowadays, SAP HANA is more than database platform and become a keystone of the modern SAP. Many SAP products run on HANA database, in which a few are native HANA as well as named on the platform, such as S/4 HANA. Also, in the past years, there are certain features are added on the SAP HANA platform. The list includes application services, integration services, and processing services and turn the platform in an authoritative tool for an organization.

Does it stays to the promise?
With the time, it has been learned that the SAP HANA lives to its promise. Numerous applications has been witnessed where HANA platform have completed its promises with impeccable performance. The companies are migrating SAP ECC system through dedicated servers to the cloud platform and simultaneously changing the database platform to the HANA database. After migration, SAP ECC' response time has improved considerably with ECC system responding twice prior migration. Other benefit is now SAP BI platform can get advantage from HANA database means that the data is read directly through ECC database, avoiding transformation to SAP BW platform. It permits to have real-time report on the productive data. In a nutshell, HANA database makes big difference in every day operation.

Cost of SAP HANA -

In SAP HANA, you have to pay the license costs for using the HANA database. Costs depends on the client and similar to latest offerings of competitors. Where the things become complicated in regard to hardware investment that is required to migrate or build HANA certified hardware platform. As SAP HANA is in-memory platform, the approach it needs is entirely different to looking at hardware beneath the servers. Achieving fast performance through traditional database platforms depends on the processing power and fast storage platform; however the critical resource is SAP HANA memory. The memory is much costly, in case you are deploying big RAM-memory banks. You will require server, supporting all the memory. In order to keep the costs less, there are the servers, supporting 48-96 memory slots; however with these you can build robust HANA machine. Doing so will obviously need a lot of investment. With that being said, new options are also available in the market, such as NVMe storage is considered as the faster and affordable HANA platform. Another option will be to move in the SAP cloud as they offer excellent product. However, the products comes at a hefty price. The SAP sells the HANA on hosting model established on the GB use. Therefore, if you possess a big database, then HANA can instantly become expensive.

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