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How to Access SAP HANA?

In order to access SAP HANA, you can opt for multiple methods as per your choice. To make you well-informed, here are some of the ways of accessing SAP HANA. Read on!

- Free of Charge

HANA cloud platform -

It is one of the most common solutions for SAP HANA app development. Users are offered Platform-as-a-Service HANA system and they are capable of creating and running their own applications. In order to access HANA cloud platform, you have to make SCN account as well as get free-of-cost developer license. For more information, you can watch the video tutorials.

30-days trial -

In case you wish to possess HANA server, you could do this with free 30-days trial offered by CloudShare. You can select to work through cloud desktop, provided via CloudShare or through local machine.

- Subscription Fee

SAP HANA Developer Edition -

Exactly, it is not single solution. As per your choice regarding services, pricing and configuration, you can select a HANA cloud provider. Amazon Web Services (AWS), KT ucloud biz, SmartCloudPT and Cloudshare are some of the popular cloud service providers. With HANA Developer Edition, it should be observed that you are not permitted to utilize applications developed productively or trade them as cloud-based service; however just to test, develop as well as demo the applications.


In case earlier solution fixes you to the non-profit usage permissions, so SAP HANA One is what required. It permits you to create production' applications as well as trade them to the customers, as OEM program with hefty price. All you have to do is make an account on Amazon Web Services as well as provision SAP HANA One through AWS Marketplace.

- Subscription Fee and Free

Cloud Appliance Library -

Through Cloud Appliance Library of SAP, you could access the SAP Solutions (such as HANA) offered as free or with subscription fee. You can find all required information through reference websites.

HANA Studio and Client -

At last, irrespective of solution you can select to begin HANA development as well as you will require HANA Studio and HANA Client. They will permit you in order to connect with HANA instance through the PC and build your application.

In order to connect with SAP HANA database, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps -

- Firstly, click Data > New Query > From Database > From SAP HANA Database

Thereafter, in dialog box of SAP HANA Database, mention the server with which you wish to connect. Server name must follow a particular format like ServerName:Port.

- If you wish to import the data utilizing built-in database query, then click on Advanced options and post that within SQL Statement box fill your query.
- Then, click OK.
- If SAP HANA server needs user credentials of database, then in Access an SAP HANA database dialog box, you need to do following -

1. Click Database tab as well as enter the username and password.
2. After that, click on Connect.

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