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Why Digital Marketing Companies Must Adopt AWS Cloud

Digital marketing has brought a paradigm shift to the way media agencies operate over the past decade. This has also raised expectations of customers in terms of a wide spectrum of deliverables such as faster turnaround time backed by enhanced reliability of services.

Unique Advantages

Launching a micro website for a short period of time and then shutting it down involved a great deal of efforts and expenditure before AWS cloud platform’s introduction. Media agencies were forced to seek cheap and usually untrustworthy hosting operators to provide such services that resulted in spoiled relationships.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it is popularly referred to, is a reliable and versatile cloud platform to enable small and medium sized enterprises as well as large conglomerates in the media sector to procure amazing power to process data. No wonder, Gartner report perceives AWS as a dependable enterprise partner.


Significant Savings

Competition and rapidly evolving technologies have been reducing agency margins to excruciatingly low levels. This is further compounded by the fact that customers increasingly prefer contractual business models and the demand for new operating systems is greater than ever. There is an unprecedented pressure for delivery of huge numbers of data points for facilitating CRM activities. Simultaneous stress of cost reduction and enhancement of services is testing nerves of media agency operators.

Cost reduction is one of the most compelling benefits of associating with AWS if you need to deliver operations of seasonal nature. This advantage may not be perceived to a significant extent during migration of the current applications to AWS cloud. However there is almost twenty percent cost reduction for applications that are new and need to be operated for a short time.

Investing in costly hardware for running short-lived applications is not a feasible proposition. Database costs can also be reduced remarkably if you are using database management solutions offered by AWS. However, the cost-saving benefits of AWS are only available to those agencies that are working with expert team as far as experience of operating in AWS ecosystem is concerned.

You will find setting up a couple of servers on the platform provided by AWS is not a great challenge. On the other hand, if you are planning to build an automatically scalable and complex system, than it would be a highly daunting task unless you have the support of cloud systems engineers.

Blazing Fast Delivery Of Content

Content acceleration is a comprehensive solution to a large array of issues such as diminishing traffic, visitor bounce rates, latency, and so forth. AWS offers ease of integrating its impressive suite of solutions with CloudFront.

No matter what is the type of the content to be distributed, CDN capabilities of AWS CloudFront are designed to push content at breakneck speeds across any location around the globe. Leading media agencies have been able to dramatically mitigate latency for delivering, personalized content, ads and everything in between.

If you are not very clear about the idea of CDN, then you must experience the speed Network called as CloudFront. Routing the content via edge POPs, has its own benefits in terms of reduction in the number of hops and also consistent availability of content in case of a single node failure.

In addition, your content will be backed by a regionally dispersed and multi tiered caches with proven record of flawless content streaming. Needless to mention, the impregnable security of AWS tools guarantees consistency and protection of your digital assets. Auto scaling attributes of AWS CloudFront make sure that your content is always available in spite of ups and downs in demand.

By itself, CloudFront is a multi-faceted service arm of Amazon Web Services that is backed by highly available and efficient network of globally dispersed data centers that boost content distribution to every user irrespective of his or her location.

Build A Loyal Customer-Base

Customer expectations are forcing media agencies to acquire cloud hosting services with a profound understanding of cloud because a great number of IT startups are already familiar with cloud systems in general and AWS in particular. In such environment, it would be certainly better if you are in tune with your customers by adopting AWS applications.


There is no denying of the fact that growth in demand for processes that facilitate digital transformation will continue to boost digital marketing companies as well as media agencies.

The three pronged benefits of AWS adoption include cost efficiency, enhanced campaign results, and help companies build loyal customer bases.

With help of the global presence of AWS infrastructure, your company can reach out to the remotest customer without any significant latency. AWS cloud platform also helps digital marketing agencies remain in the forefront of digital evolution.

In order to simplify the process of AWS cloud adoption, one must get associated with the right partner that has proven expertise in designing, building and automating the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

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