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Up for an Audit Time? Compliance Assessment for AWS and Azure

How are you planning for building a compliant architecture for the public cloud? Also how are you maintaining the compliance depending upon the change in growth of cloud? These are some of the key questions for various companies — and their respective feature for quickly satisfying above mentioned questions that can basically both be a key differentiator towards the end of users and along with reducing various business risk.

This is the reason why Go4hosting has introduced a Compliance Assessment for Azure and AWS customers.

Various companies which are coming to us have already created an environment for the cloud, and poses a new user is requiring a specific compliance framework, or create a confirmation that they are satisfying various regulatory needs before launching of any product. We provide a confirmation that they satisfy HITRUST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP , SOC (1 and 2) and GDPR standards.

Launching a Compliant App on Amazon Web Service

Lately, Go4hosting capitalized on a chance for working with a globally commercial organization that has launched a new application on Managed Amazon Cloud Service. They had various AWS experts on-premises, and had already created the mandatory AWS environment for hosting the application.

The problem here is: the concerned IT staff was not very much familiar with HIPAA, and aren’t aware of the specific tools /controls/ steps that are required for achieving HIPAA in AWS.

The organization has called up AWS for a attaining a referral for a partner that basically understands the idea of HIPAA on AWS, and then AWS referred this particular company to Go4hosting. Unlike various other partners, Go4hosting not just consult those customers on compliance — but they go via six annual audits each and every year, and our specific AWS practice is technically HITRUST CSF Certified. As a conclusion, compliance and security is created into everything that they do, and all our AWS engineers and experts are properly trained in particular high-governance Amazon Web Service management.

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Within just some weeks, Go4hosting had successfully performed a ‘non-invasive’ discovery of the organization’s AWS account, on its own, has effectively consulted with the various company’s engineers, and thus created a long list of various remediation items. This includes almost about of 30 items that are often tripping up organization which are ideally new to HIPAA on AWS: like logging, encryption at rest, IDS and more. It is recommended, when it is possible for a particular open source or AWS-native tools and techniques for filling various gaps without adding any cost.

By concluding this project, the company is launching the app at suitable time and budget with confidence that it meets HIPAA standards.

What’s so good about the Go4hosting Compliance Assessment?

If you are trying to comply with any particular compliance framework or any regulation, you will be requiring often for going via own Risk Assessment, that will be helping various identify gaps over the network level, application, administrative etc..

Go4hosting is helping customers for translating a particular control towards cloud native technologies in the most suitable and successful way. It can be customers’ outsourced architecture compliance trainers; the ones which tell customers how you can construct your VPC or VN for satisfying PCI-DSS standards.

At the same moment, they can easily consult with the concerned team regarding how improvement will be done for the cloud architecture in overall — across high availability, areas of performance, cost efficiency, scalability and more.

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