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Microsoft Azure - Ushering the Dawn of Digital Transformation

Microsoft Azure – Ushering the Dawn of Digital Transformation

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, businesses can setup their cloud infrastructures without any hassles to implement seamlessly available clouds. No wonder, Microsoft Azure is constantly expanding in terms of well-integrated cloud solutions right from its introduction in 2010. It occupies the top slot among global IaaS providers.

Significance of digital transformation

Every modern organization is doomed to perish unless it adopts digital transformation in order to be successful in the constantly evolving ecosystem of technologies. Organizations need to find innovative ways for aligning processes and data while integrating people and technology. Microsoft Azure facilitates organizations to ride the wave of digital transformation with ease and confidence. It also helps businesses use applications and tools of their preference while deploying apps on a global scale.

Whether you are an IT pro or a developer, Azure has you covered as it helps you design, deploy, and operate apps across data centers that can be located in diverse global locations. Microsoft Azure is an ideal cloud platform for new enterprises with a paucity of the budget, large organizations with global operations and every other enterprise in between.

Microsoft Azure is the most consistent and trusted cloud platform for enterprises wanting to acquire cloud capabilities for enhanced agility as well as scalability. It further empowers with the new service offering of Azure Stack for easy movement of workloads across clouds.

Driving digital transformation in businesses

The term ‘Digital Transformation’ refers to the implementation of digital technologies for an intensive and full-scale transformation of the basic business aspects involving operating models to a digitally operated infrastructure.

It is estimated that globally, more than 60 percent organizations will operate as digitally transformed entities with the strategic adoption of digital transformation.  This will boost technology markets with growth in the technology investments.

There is a wide spectrum of digital technologies including Internet of Things, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and next-gen security, which will help organizations in digital transformation. These technologies are aptly referred to as Innovation Accelerators.

Role of Azure in DX

Digital Transformation technologies will be leveraging cloud computing for further innovation and development of new ideas and advanced products. Following are three important attributes of cloud that will ensure seamless digital transformation across organizations.

•    Dynamic scalability
•    Enhanced business agility
•    Reduced CAPEX

Azure offers a number of features for achieving Digital Transformation by facilitating easy migration to the cloud. It provides a robust platform for extending SaaS deployments and has been proved time and again in the implementation of enterprise IT infrastructures.

Azure offerings consist of an impressive range including cognitive computing, data analytics, compute power, and networking capabilities just to name a few.

There are as many as five million enterprises, which are presently leveraging Active Directory and thousands of Azure subscribers that run more than 1.4 million SQL databases. Azure has surpassed all cloud hosting providers in terms of its global coverage with forty Azure regions across the world.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella opines that cloud is a powerful enabler of next generation technologies that will build innovative applications for powering digital transformation. It is for the same reason that Azure is being designed to be the very first AI Supercomputer.

Attractive features of Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a unique array of features to enable small as well as large organizations to implement cost efficient and high-performance cloud solutions.

SaaS enabler- Organizations can look forward to build and deploy SaaS applications by leveraging Azure, which is a global leader in this sector. Enterprises can find it easier to launch their own web initiatives without hassles. There is no need to procure or maintain cost sensitive infrastructure for the same. Moreover, you can also easily customize the cloud software applications for serving organizational requirements.

Rock-solid support for analytics- Azure is a go to solution provider for implementation of data analytics for meaningful insights with its seamless support of managed SQL services, stream analytics, and machine learning.

Easy extension and integration- Existing IT infrastructure such as an in-house data center of any enterprise can be easily integrated with cloud with support from Microsoft Azure. Organizations need not face the dilemma of choosing between a cloud and datacenter since these two resources can be seamlessly blended. Azure facilitates a hassle-free extension of onsite IT infrastructure into the cloud for a secure hybrid ecosystem.

Vast spectrum of applications

Azure aims at transforming enterprises that are not able to perform to their optimum capacity into high performance and digitally transformed organizations. It’s highly scalable and advanced cloud solutions deployment and sharing of predictive analytics solutions. Businesses can build their unique range of IoT products by leveraging Azure’s pre-configured solutions consisting of ML, IoT Hub, PowerBI, and Stream Analytics among others.

The most noticeable applications of Azure are found in healthcare, retail, and financial service sectors. State of the art Artificial Intelligence solutions offered by Azure will help boost efficiency and overall productivity across these mission critical sectors

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