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Key CDN Attributes that Drive Your Website Performance

Creating ripples through viral marketing campaigns has become a routine exercise for majority of businesses. Social media can be easily leveraged to spread excitement about new launches, new sales campaigns, and so forth.

These campaigns are designed to boost number of concurrent visitors on a large scale and your website is expected to handle sudden spurt in visitor volume across the targeted territories. Depending on the performance of your website, such campaigns can boost your customer base significantly.

This brings us to the key performance booster resource of Content Delivery Network and the reasons why so many successful companies are adopting the same to handle sudden jumps in traffic across different locations in the world.

Customer orientation is the mantra for achieving desired response through a compelling website. One of the most visitor friendly features for any business website is its seamless accessibility which is backed by blazing fast page loading speeds. This is a bare minimum requirement to gain remarkable visibility as well as assured response from target audience.

In addition to a faster site speed, you can also improve user experience through multiple initiatives including site’s responsiveness and flexibility.


Few insights about CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Networks are collection of distributed and networked data centers to enable prompt delivery of content irrespective of the location of end users. The globally distributed data centers consist of caching edge servers and POPs or points of presence.

Points of Presence operate as secondary data centers that assess the presence of users in their proximity to deliver the desired content in response to requests by end users. Main focus of these POPs is to eliminate the multiple hops required to be traversed by content while reaching the end user, thereby reducing page load time.

Every edge server is loaded with cached content so that the information can be immediately distributed to users in close vicinity. The servers are therefore empowered with huge RAM resources. Since the end users are not able to differentiate between original content and mirrored content the CDN facilitates outstanding user experience.

Why use a CDN

If your target audiences are situated in remote places, then they will face issues with page loading speeds and overall availability of content due to sheer distance and number of hops. This will ultimately impact visibility of your content and erosion of user base due to poor user experience.

Content Delivery Network is responsible for seamless availability of the content even if the main server fails because the content is already made available at various edge servers. Users of CDN networks need not consume high volumes of bandwidth because of the presence of distributed servers.

Cloud CDN networks are not only responsible for content localization but are also used as load balancing platforms to improve resource utilization. Your site will always be available in spite of peak load times thereby enhancing your online footprint and reputation.

CDN and user behavior

Rise in number of smart phones users for accessing websites has caused a significant dip in the overall patience levels, thus indicating a significant change in user behavior. Modern end users abandon a site-search even if it fails to load within five seconds. Gone are those days when users kept looking at desktop screens for minutes before the page could load.

Study of behavior of website users has confirmed that a mere two second delay in page load time can cause a significant dip in revenues and conversions. The observation applies to mobile websites as well. This has lead to the pursuit of means to improve page load speeds. Content Delivery Network enhances user engagement and facilitates improved conversions as a consequence.

CDN facility should cover all websites in a shared hosting plan with access to a user friendly plugin that provides ease of handling and managing static content. Needless to mention, the CDN should be compatible with all types of control panel for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Content Delivery Network acts as a distributed resource that boosts performance of the website by improving availability and accessibility of localized content with reference to geographical concentration of users. The content can be instantly accessed from local edge servers and Points of Presence.

No wonder, more than fifty percent internet traffic is driven by Cloud CDN services. As more and more users search for a variety of content including articles, live streaming, music and movies, the relevance of CDN solutions is exponentially growing. More and more websites are gaining CDN capability with every passing day.

A large proportion of users depend on online search for shopping. These users are young and impatient and are usually surfing the net while on the go. CDN service accelerates your site’s speed and increases engagement time by reducing load times.

In a nutshell

With a large array of attractive benefits, every website owner must adopt a CDN resource to prepare site to meet ever increasing demands of users.

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