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Exciting Attributes of Cloud Backup Solutions

Traditional data backup systems are rapidly being replaced by smarter and more flexible web based applications such as cloud backup. These applications can be availed as either web-native storage solutions or can be procured from cloud hosting service providers in the form of SaaS.

Importance of simplicity in backup application

Since any cloud oriented application is basically designed to offer freedom to operate from any place or device, users are able to enjoy simplicity in day to day operations. Cloud native backup applications are boon to organizations that operate multiple divisions from diverse locations.

Similarly, if an enterprise has to serve its associates, clients, consultants, and employees who operate from diverse locations, then cloud backup is the only alternative to on-premise backup solutions. By deploying cloud native backup applications across a large number of computers, any organization can facilitate its dispersed users to gain access to important data as and when required.

Another aspect of an ideal cloud backup application is its lightweight features that allow seamless backup operations. What’s more, the economy factor makes it an ideal backup resource to be used even by members of dispersed families. These lightweight applications are designed to let an enterprise handle user accounts and also enable users manage these on their own.

Cloud based data backup is also an ideal resource to maintain business critical information even if the staff member who was in charge, chooses to leave the organization. You can instantly access the vital information after exit of an employee.

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Highly reliable and efficient solution

Thanks to the advanced security systems that are powered by technologies including encryption, server virtualization, application based protection, and disk native backup, users of cloud backup solutions can enjoy a highly efficient and dependable data backup resource.

Add to this round the clock monitoring, proactive reporting, and professional management that is offered by SAS 70 data center facilities. Service providers of ideal cloud backup services shoulder the responsibility of regular updates, patching, and adoption of new technologies to help users focus on their core business activities.

Designed to empower small enterprises

Small sized companies leverage tape based backups that can lead to loss of critical time in the period of crisis because these involve physical movement of tapes from different locations. In contrast, a cloud backup helps save the precious time since it is always accessible from any location.

Tapes are vulnerable to physical damage, leading to loss of mission critical information. Thanks to the highly secured data centers that house cloud data backup files, you can be assured of safety and security of the backed up data.

If you are concerned about increasing your data backup footprint and the obvious costs that are usually associated with procurement of hardware, then cloud based backup applications are right for you. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware, thanks to impressive scalability of cloud data backup services.

Moreover, the consumption based billing model helps users reduce the hassles of provisioning and procuring related issues. The unique billing model is also ideal for organizations on a fast track of growth.

Every enterprise has a humble beginning and cloud backup empowers such companies by providing easy access to state of the art technologies that are cost efficient and convenient. Cloud hosting is ideal for enabling backup of small as well large data sets.

Small companies are benefitted from lighter footprint of cloud backup solutions that are built to use bare minimum resources of the clients’ systems. Secondly, the cloud backup applications do not impact performance of other applications that may be running on your computers.

Vital points to consider

You need to understand that overall capacity of your data transfer workloads is directly impacted by the availability of bandwidth. Therefore, while planning a backup transfer strategy of your enterprise this factor must be considered.

Before choosing a vendor for cloud backup, one must understand all important specifications as well as the terms for planning exit. The exit policy of cloud backup service providers should clearly provide information regarding data extraction, pre-withdrawal fees and so forth.

The overall control on accomplishment of backup may not be within the scope of service providers due to issues including bandwidth availability, security factors, and the volume of data to be transferred. This will seriously impact the scope of Service Level Agreements. These factors are commonly associated with poor compliance of SLAs.

Categorization of vendors

Choice of a cloud backup vendor is driven by specific requirements of user organizations. Thankfully, we can categorize the vendors in terms of specific backup objectives of a particular enterprise. For large multi-divisional companies, a proposed backup service must provide SaaS capability for its backup solution. This can cover all important aspects of the organization such as servers, applications, desktops and other internet enabled devices.

In conclusion

Thanks to the amazing technological strides in the field of backup and cloud computing, client organizations are able to leverage a wide spectrum of cloud backup services that are designed to support accessibility, availability, and simplicity.

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