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Importance of File Backups in Today’s Digital Age

Importance of File Backups in Today’s Digital Age

The incidence of cyber attacks in the last year shows why it has become so important to have proper File backups of important files. Breaches and data leaks can translate into huge revenue losses for companies and the only way to safeguard against this threat is to go for regular backups of files. Nobody is questioning the need for backups any longer; rather every business is now only interested to know ways to do backups and identify the best Cloud backup solutions. No business can afford to experience any more downtimes because of data loss instances. Downtimes not only affect revenues; they can be very damaging for business reputation. Reports suggest that nearly 80% of companies which have suffered major data leaks have been forced to discontinue operations within 3 years.

Data backup and data recovery is definitely not one and the same thing. File Backups are copies of files which are needed to restore any system that may have crashed. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, will include processes and tools which help in recovering lost systems and data when disasters have occurred. So, without File backups, you cannot carry out disaster recovery solutions. Backups are needed for everything which you cannot replace and so it includes all kinds of files and databases, applications and end points, media storage, data sources etc.

Why are backups important for businesses to survive today?

There is no denying the fact that threats to data are always evolving and these are only going to become more acute and malicious in the coming years. Cyber attacks are not likely to slow down any time soon and the numbers have gone up almost four times more than the previous years. With Big Data coming in, risks of breaches and ransomware attacks are going to become higher. Cases of hacking using Artificial Intelligence are something that businesses have to be now ready to face. All businesses handling very sensitive data are likely to be the new targets for hackers this year. A Global Risk Report prepared by the WEF states cyber threats to be the third most server threat to the world after weather calamities and natural disasters. This explains why businesses have to be responsible for deploying proper backup solutions so that they can detect, prevent and contain breaches of any magnitude.

Another reason to give backups its due importance is the fact that economic losses are usually colossal when there are cyber attacks. Downtimes that occur because of data loss events and unexpected system crashes can turn out to be very costly. Without backups and data recovery solutions, your critical data cannot be saved.

Not only are data losses harmful for business funds, they will also tarnish its credibility and negatively impact business reputation. Consumers are more than likely to avoid big brands which have experienced recent data breaches and leaks. Besides loss of revenues and reputation, a lot of time is wasted in recovering data and restoring the systems. During this process, no new work gets done as a result.

Big data is sensitive and more and more businesses are taking to it. There are analytical tools that will offer both predictive insights and suggest means to protect data. Companies must store data to get such insights into business operations which in turn will allow them to adopt more informed decisions for the future. At the same time, this means that in cases of a breach, a huge amount of critical business and personal data is at stake. With Big Data growing in volume and becoming more complex, businesses will need a bigger data recovery solution and proper backup systems to tackle equipment crashes and breaches.

Nearly all businesses are embracing digital technologies today and this implies the need to manage risks. So, businesses have to develop ways to control uptime issues and data availability shortfalls. Any digital firm must have a secure ecosystem which can protect it from sudden outages, system failures and downtimes.

In businesses today, the number of end points is much more. As more data is being shared across different devices like laptops and smartphones helping to change the workplace culture, numbers of end points are also growing. Such end points can be at home, at office and even in public areas. So, you must have backups for your endpoint devices. For this, cloud solutions are the best when it comes to preventing data loss.

When you have backups of data it can offer more value to your business. It is not simply an insurance coverage against any kind of negative outcome; it can be constructively used for data analysis and patch testing. So, many enterprises are using this backed up data for many uses for business improvement as a whole.

So, any quality backup plan is your best defense when it comes to data losses. IT companies are mainly choosing cloud hosting solutions over the traditional backups. This is because cloud based backups offer better reliability and security; most importantly, they are pocket-friendly.

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How Important are File Backups Today?

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