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How Dedicated Servers Fit into a Cloud World

Over the last few years, the most dominating topic of discussion in the IT arena has been cloud computing. In this rather partial prominence that the cloud attracts, another equally good (if not better) aspect of IT has got a bit sidelined. Dedicated servers are regarded by many as the best thing to have happened to the hosting business before cloud computing started making its presence felt. However, the fact remains that you cannot discount the immense benefits and advantages that a dedicated server brings to the infrastructure of an organization.

What Makes Dedicated Servers the Best?

In several typical and specific scenarios, dedicated servers can provide unique benefits and this has been proved time and again by many businesses. These scenarios are being highlighted and brought to the attention of the IT industry through a specially developed information series in which the role of a dedicated server is explored in a cloud-dominated world. The benefits that a dedicated server offers in terms of cost, performance, security, and compliance will be deeply analyzed and the results debated by experts through interactive sessions.

This series presented through webinar sessions, discuss various types of products and services associated with dedicated servers, cloud storage, and applications. The goal is to provide the information you need through some of the best brains in the industry. You can ask queries comfortably and conveniently without having to worry about whether your queries are basic or complex. The panel will answer everything on the topic.

The next webinar will deal with questions related to the security aspects of servers and networking, virtualization and storage. Businesses can make use of this platform and the opinion of experts to create the best dedicated server infrastructure and cloud infrastructure to meet their unique needs. There have been many misconceptions about dedicated servers and how it affects businesses. Customers are not able to leverage the whole force of benefits that dedicated servers offer as they are not sure how to utilize these features for boosting their business performance across various key parameters.
Addresses Your Security Concerns

Many business owners with a high concern for security are of the opinion that choosing private cloud hosting is the best solution for their needs. However, hosting experts are of the opinion that it is better to encourage customers to choose and build the infrastructure features they need to manage their applications smoothly. The hosting service can then step in to suggest the best security features to sync with the infrastructure they are using. In many such situations, it is observed that dedicated servers can offer more feasible options and provide users better control to achieve their security needs and address their compliance concerns.

Not At All Difficult to Manage As You Probably Believe

A common misapprehension about dedicated servers is that it is difficult to manage and handle. There are lots of hassles involved. However, this is far from the truth. If you have specific security, performance and compliance issues to be addressed, then dedicated solutions can offer you a wider range of control and flexibility that what cloud hosting solutions can possibly offer. Dedicated servers can easily reduce the hassles and complexities, making it easy to manage your applications. An example: You cannot make any changes in configuration or create customizations in a shared tenant environment. This can be easily achieved if you are using dedicated servers.

Not Expensive To Handle If You Know a Few Tricks

When it comes to cost, dedicated servers are perceived by most businesses as a more expensive option when compared to the cloud. What they probably do not know is that there is a way of reducing operational costs. All they have to do is to run predictable workloads on a dedicated server and turn to the cloud when there are instances of a traffic spike. This can save money. With this kind of arrangement, you can customize the environment and run your applications smoothly and efficiently without having to worry about traffic spikes and costs.

No Need of Deep IT Expertise

A major and common misconception about dedicated servers is that you must be an expert in IT and experienced in server management to be able to handle the running and operations of a dedicated server. While this can be true to some extent – the dedicated server is a super-efficient system that makes use of the latest IT technologies – there is nothing so complex about dedicated solutions that you cannot learn and understand.

You can run it like a Pro with Good Support from Your Host

Yes, dedicated servers do require some level of IT expertise but if you have a team of qualified and experienced professionals to support you at various levels including planning, implementation of the system into your business setup and for ongoing maintenance, you can easily handle dedicated servers like a pro. The best hosting services do provide all the support you need to close the skills and knowledge gaps. You can easily learn how to maximize the output of your infrastructure and even reduce your monthly running costs with the best dedicated server solutions.

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