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Cloud Evolution To Slow Down Server Sales

 IT sector has witnessed a significant change with the emergence and world-wide acceptance of cloud technology. So far, several studies have been conducted to understand the future of this gilt-edge cloud computing in the years to come. Dependence on technology is increasing each day, making Internet and servers lifeline of the operating businesses. Studies reveal, businesses are now more focused on strategic development and are handling their email and critical applications to cloud providers India rather than building their own sever and data center.

A report by Lawrence Berkeley Lab suggests that cloud technology will have prominent impact and will be lowering down the energy consumption to a great extent. It says the energy that is required to maintain a data center would fall by 87%, i.e. from 373 petajoules to 47 petajoules in a year.

Email servers that provide unswerving connectivity to connect to the global world could be reduced from 3.5 million to 47,700 servers. Apart from email servers, the number of servers for applications would drop from 1,237,000 to 32,400.

Another interesting study came in light says – hardware will be agnostic with wide-acceptance of Software as a service platform. The increased use of cloud based providers is overhauling the server market, and it is expected that it will slash down server revenue by 3.5% this year, IDC reports. Moreover, Forester has revealed their cloud stats, which confabulate global cloud computing industry will grow from $35bn in 2011 to around $150bn by 2020.

Well, if reports are to be believed, SaaS computing model should be held responsible for the same. This is majorly because it provides a highly abstracted space, where software passes through various filters before it interacts with hardware. This implies that the applications build on considering various cloud models, will be hardware agnostic.

However, it will open up opportunities for hardware manufactures to sell more equipment to the cloud vendors. Now, they have to prepare themselves for a new technology and more sophisticated customers. Instead of selling hardware to thousands of customer, they have to build millions of cutting-edge servers to accommodate the needs of thousands of customers.  Only those who can flow with the evolving trends will sustain.

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