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Cloud Computing Service Provider For Your Growing Business Demands

The biggest challenge among the entrepreneurs is to adjudicate, which cloud attire will make an inimitable fit to match their business demands. On the basis of facts available on the web, people are not too much interested into the nitty-gritty of “Cloud Computing” technology as they have already realized its power, but the focus is on “which cloud hosting solution, and service provider” to stick around. Let me take you to the three distinguished solutions – public, private, and hybrid…

Public Cloud hosting is analogous to shared hosting platform, wherein services are rendered over a network for public usage. This solution is majorly used by the applications, where security and compliance is not a major concern. Herein, a user pays for the utilized resources, giving freedom to manage the server setup. Resources, such as network, storage services, and hardware are shared among the various clients. Freedom to choose your network type and the hardware is a constraint in public computing.

Private Cloud hosting is quite similar to “dedicated server hosting”, wherein the cloud infrastructure is operated by a single organization, irrespective of the fact that it is managed or hosted internally or by a third-party service provider. Security is higher in private computing as no one else shares your resources. Freedom to design network, storage, and hardware is open in this form of computing solution.

Private Cloud + Public Cloud/Community = Hybrid Cloud

This cloud composition offers characteristics of multiple deployment models, (such as scalability and affordable costs of public cloud and security of private cloud) with the power to connect colocation, managed and/or dedicated services with cloud hosting resources.

Without taking too much of your precious time, and testing your patience, I would like to proceed to the next section Cloud Computing of my blog, i.e.; what parameters need to be contemplated, when pondering for right service provider:

  • A service provider must use best-of-breed servers, network, software and storage resource
  • Check for ease of customization and flexibility to scale up/down and freedom to specify underlying hardware
  • User-friendly 24X7X365 support by the technical experts for expeditious issue resolution
  • Data center in several location, stability, and years of expertise also needs to be ensured
  • Ultra-secured security model to monitor network components
  • N+1 redundancy level to prevent off unwarranted hassles
  • Carrier-neutral network with 360 degree monitoring
  • Cloud security services standards must be ensured as this is the matter of your sensitive or confidential data

It’s the time to wrap up my blog, with an assurance that will keep updating such informative blogs in future as well.

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