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Desktop Moves to Cloud with DaaS

Gone are the days when we had to rely on Desktop for getting small things done. Spurred by the fast pace of the technological change, businesses no longer depends on infrastructural setup or geographical locations.

 The virtual ambience has not only offered us 24*7 availability but has also made our life simpler.  One can easily see how the traditional desktop infrastructure has adopted and moved to a new paradigm which is virtual and fast.

As most of the business houses are located in different geographies, remote access to company data in a secured environment has become the need of the time. The Enterprise IT is under stress to make company professionals understand the new cloud environment and also to ensure that both its data and application are shielded with a cost effective solution.

The possibility of sharing content and data anywhere, anytime and on any device has made DaaS (Desktop as a Service) one of the popular cloud computing solutions amongst the Enterprise IT. DaaS primarily delivers Windows desktop and applications to end users anywhere & anytime on any device.

DaaS is generally purchased on subscription basis and the service provider takes up the back-end responsibilities of data storage, backup, security and upgrades.

Advantages of DaaS

  • Cost Effective:  In comparison, the virtual desktop assistance is much cheaper than the traditional PC with the absence of hardware and reduced power consumption.
  • Secured & Reliable: As no data is saved on the local hard drive, DaaS offers security to your company’s content. Also it provides data back up and synchronization with compliance.
  • Mobile & Flexibility:  It gives you a chance to access your data from anywhere and at anytime. You can also scale up or down any software and applications in minutes

More so, “Desktop as Service” (DaaS) is equipped with disaster recovery (DR) and it is easy for any company to get their desktop up and running quickly after any disaster.  With these seamless benefits, DaaS is surely one product that SMB’s should try for their corporate ventures.

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