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Swapnil is a content writer working with the SEO team at Go4hosting. She has completed her graduation in engineering from Noida. She happens to be an automobile enthusiast and her hobbies include dancing, surfing and exploring new things.

Hyperscale data center

Hyperscale Data Centers: Is it Worth the Expenditure?

I was just reading this news on TechCrunch that many Venture Capitalists are in the belief that the cloud market is now mature to its saturation level. Most of the startups are now opting out of it as they are free from their Incubator stage. There has been a trend observed of the ever-increasing cloud Read more>>

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Autopilot 2020: All You Have Dreamt About Autonomous Driving

It’s not just a car, it’s a caaar.. Since eternity we have been dreaming about autonomous cars. Although there have been many paradigm shifts and epochs in the auto production industry. We have been stuck to this formula for guiding a vehicle through steering wheels and pedals. There is a set of people who would Read more>>


CAA Protest- Internet Shutdown Repercussions in a 1.3 Billion Nation

Just when the nation was recovering from the whole Kashmir 370 havoc caused due to internet shutdown of 145 days, very soon came the CAA protests. With Kashmir been deprived of the special status been enjoying since freedom it also registered enormous losses due to shut down of the broadband facilities. The government’s decision came Read more>>

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