Virtual SAN

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Virtual SAN is a hypervisor-converged and extremely simple storage solution developed for virtual machines. Virtual SAN can be used for any virtualized application and that can include critical workloads of businesses.

Virtual SAN is the perfect storage platform for virtual machines because it can integrate seamlessly with the system. It can be run on standard hardware and is flexible too. You can scale when you need by adding more disks or hosts. The best part is you can scale up and scale out effortlessly.

It is extremely easy to manage unlike most storage solutions available out there. Virtual SAN relies on SSD for performance. You can also have different availability policies for virtual machines on the same data store.

A local RAID set is not needed to manage Virtual SAN. You can do fine with some local disks. Virtual SAN just requires a dedicated 1Gbps NIC port but you having an additional NIC port available may help in resiliency. There is no requirement from a virtual switch perspective either with Virtual SAN. A Distributed Switch or the commonly used, simple vSwitch can work fine.

Virtual SAN helps you control availability and also performance in a way not hitherto available to the industry. Simplicity of application and efficiency are definitely the key factors of Virtual SAN.


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