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What are the types of SSL certificates?

SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificates can be categorized by categorization based on their level of validation or secured domains.

- Purpose of Domain Validated SSL certificate is to validate that the domain is a registered one. Process of domain validation is generally carried out through DNS or email. It is necessary for the owner to establish his or her admin rights. Sign of a padlock with HTTPS indicates that it is a valid and authentically signed certificate.

- Domain ownership is identified by an Organization Validated SSL certificate. It also indicates information of a particular organization such as name of the organization, city, state, and country. It follows the similar process of validation as that of Domain Validated Certificate. However users are required to furnish more information for confirming organizational identity.

- EV certificate is nothing but Extended Validation certificate and needs relevant information about domain ownership, information of an organization, and proof of legal status of organization’s existence. One can identify EV certificate as a green address bar containing name of the organization in the browser.

- Single-name SSL certificate is supposed to protect only a single domain name.

- Wild card SSL certificates can how ever offer multi-domain protection for a single domain.

- Protection of multiple domains by a single certificate is possible with Multi-Domain SSL Certificates.

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