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How Do I Get An SSL Certificate For My Website?

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer and is supposed to serve distinct objectives. SSL empowers website with secured identity proof of the website that cannot be forged. It also secures the data from hackers or other individuals against accessing, reading, or editing, during the process of exchange between remote server and the browser.

One of the most important requirements to procure an SSL certificate is to have a dedicated IP address for your website. Next step is to buy a certificate that is needed to prove your identity. This can be purchased from Certificate Authorities.  Activation of CSR can be done by your host. Once you are ready with CSR, paste it into the host control panel of your WHM. Next, click ‘install SSL Certificate’ from SSL/TLS menu. Hit the submit button after pasting into the first box. Next step is to update your site by typing https instead of http. If the site starts loading, then you have successfully updated and ready to use your SSL.

Secured Socket Layer is used to protect information by creating a secured link to ensure private transmission of data by maintaining its integrity during the process of exchange. An SSL is designed for encrypting network connection component above the layer of program.

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