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How Long is a SSL Certificate Valid?

It needs to be noted that the validity period of SSL certificates was for 48 months and the same is reduced as per the recent guidelines. As agreed by all parties of Certificate Authorities and Browser vendors (CAB forum), all SSL certificates will have validity period of 39 months. This decision is effective from 1st April 2015 and applies to all newly issued, as well as re-issued certificates. The period of validity is reduced to enhance the security aspects of these certificates.

The actual validity period of an SSL certificate that is purchased after 1st April 2015 is for three years and additional three months are granted as an additional warranty on existing certificate before next certificate is re-issued. It should be noted that all SSL certificates have un-limited re-issuing facility.

In case somebody applies for re-issue with remaining period of validity exceeding 39 months, in such case the total available validity will be kept at 39 months by reducing the available validity. Similarly, a 4 year SSL certificate can be re-issued (after 1st April 2015) only for the period of 39 months. It must be remembered that such certificate is only valid till 39 months even though it was issued with 4-year validity. 

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