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Ecommerce Website

Ways to make your Ecommerce Website Faster and Better

Let’s face it, why do you log on to ecommerce websites? To save time Make shopping smoother and convenient Compare products and prices Although time factor is the biggest reason customers shop online, the other two reasons have a fair share too. We are in an age where everyone is moving online because people prefer Read more>>

Understanding Relevance of POPs in CDN Services

Understanding Relevance of POPs in CDN Services

There are multiple parameters that can influence choice of CDN service and the importance of points of presence is always highlighted because these serve as robust links between the content and end users’ devices. This explains why POPs are positioned at strategic locations to enable ease of accessing content by users in those particular locations. Read more>>

How Can Content Delivery Networks Help Digital Publishing Houses?

The emergence of what is called digital publishing has created a storm in the publishing world as users now demand super-fast customized reading experiences available over multiple devices. If you are unable to offer them the requested content at lightning-fast speed, they will soon lose interest and move away. Along with this development, economics of Read more>>