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SMEs Profit By Adopting IaaS Cloud Model

The emergence of Cloud is making significant changes in the IT industry. Businesses are switching to Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) based cloud model to access greater scalability, flexibility and economies of scale. This cloud computing model allows companies to outsource their required computing resources, including: hardware, networks, and servers to a professional cloud service provider. By subscribing to this cost-effective computing platform, you only need to pay for the services you utilize for business-critical applications. The IaaS provider not only provides compute on demand to the businesses, but also owes the full responsibility to accommodate, maintain, and manage the computing resources.

Research conducted by Gartner reports, Infrastructure as a service is experiencing a consistent growth and is expected to grow 47.3 percent in 2013.

Let’s have a quick through to the various attributes of IaaS platform:

Compute as a Service: It allows businesses to quickly access the virtual servers for their wide-spectrum of business applications. It provides on-demand capacity, which ensures your applications are always up and running. When required, you can instantly add servers, hardware, network, or CPU.

Faster time to market: This on-demand compute platform allows businesses to accomplish their projects timely without facing the dearth of compute resources. When you have the required compute power, you do not have to worry about its maintenance – you can definitely focus on core business initiatives and deliver your product/services fast.

Disaster Recovery: A disaster recovery planning is inevitable for business continuity. Undeniably, building and managing a DR strategy is expensive, which is sometime out of the scope of SMEs. The IaaS provides an option to consolidate numerous disaster recovery systems into a single virtualized system, which enhances resource utilization by slashing down the costs.

In a nustshell, IaaS has the potential to augment the business growth. By leveraging this intuitive cloud platform, SMEs can reduce overhead cost, deliver fast, and can create new revenue streams. 

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