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Shared or VPS Hosting: Which is better for your WordPress Site?

You may have decided to launch a WordPress site; the real challenge then is to find the best hosting solutions for it. Most businesses and individuals prefer to sign up for shared hosting plans to host their WordPress sites. The main reason being that when you are new to the world of blogging, choosing a cost-effective option makes sense.

How to choose the best WordPress host:

No matter how many WordPress sites you may have created, you need to choose a solution which can be customized to suite your requirements. While shared hosting attracts more customers because it promises cheap and unlimited hosting, not many people are sure of what these plans entail. They are enamored by phrases like “cheap” or “unlimited”. Choosing shared hosting after analyzing features of the hosting plans may not help because most of these businesses will not even use all these features. Most hosting providers try to lure customers by making their list of features lengthy. The customers are easily trapped as they cannot decipher the marketing gimmicks. What will actually help you to take the right decision is a research into the background and reputation of the hosting company.

For individuals and businesses which are just starting out, shared hosting plans are the best possible options. When the sites start to expand and the need for resources grows, you can request your provider to upgrade your plans. It is then that businesses may have to shift to another host to get more space. This is why it is important to anticipate your future needs when you choose a host.

What are the drawbacks of choosing shared hosting?

When you sign up for shared hosting plans, you may be affected by activities in the neighboring sites. When these co-users lack proper security arrangements, their data comes under attack. Automatically, your website gets affected too; you will find slower response time.

When you have just launched a website, you may not need root access to the server. But, this becomes necessary when your site grows. At that stage, without root access, you may not be capable of installing custom software or perform backups.

The biggest concern in shared hosting plans is overselling of resources. This leads to more downtimes, and automatically slows response time. Pages take too long to load and customers are dissatisfied. With slow loading time, your site ranking in search engines is also affected.

With shared hosting plans, you cannot even run third party scripts. So, even if you buy or create a script, you cannot run it. You are also not permitted to tweak server settings like maximum size for uploading files or increasing memory limits for applications.

How can virtual private servers help?

When you outgrow shared hosting plans, you may find it convenient to upgrade to VPS hosting. In this type of hosting, a single physical server is divided to create many virtual servers. These can function independent of one another. Every virtual server is allotted a definite amount of CPU, bandwidth, RAM and disk space. This automatically means that activities in any of these virtual servers can never affect the functioning of the other servers. So, your WordPress site can function seamlessly, even if it is surrounded by bad neighbors. Even when your site expands, you can scale up your resources by upgrading the VPS plans. You will not be forced to migrate to a new hosting service.

There is no reason to think that just because you have no experience in managing VPS, you will fail at it. You do not need a lot of expertise to install a WordPress blog on VPS. You can use user-friendly tools like Microsoft Web Application Gallery and Microsoft Web Platform Installer to set it up in a matter of a few clicks.

With VPS plans, you will be given complete access to the server. So, you can run your version of an operating system and even adjust the server security and settings. You are free to install custom software and applications so that you can create your own tailor-made hosting environment. You will have to freedom to tweak the file upload size or ways in which servers can tackle requests. It is possible to install third party scripts and custom scripts with VPS plans.

These arguments suggest that there is no sense in compromising your site’s performance by selecting shared plans. Shared hosting oversells resources and puts your website in jeopardy. For nearly the same price, you can get dedicated server resources through VPS. It is therefore better to host your WordPress blog in a virtual server which offers a dedicated environment for affordable rates. You can always start with low-level plans and then upgrade, depending upon your needs.

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