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Public Cloud: Gearing to Shift Existing Perception

Cloud has unlocked the new streams of opportunities for organizations to compete in this rapidly evolving cyber world. Notably it is not a new technology that has emerged overnight, however its roots can be traced since the very inception of Internet.

These days, IT professionals are seeking out for ways to efficiently manage their workloads to match ramping business necessities. When the two cloud models compared – public & private, private has given more preference over public cloud owing to its robust security, control and efficiency facets. However, this perception is getting redefined with the big data workloads. If reports are to be believed, 53% of enterprises are either leveraging public cloud model to satisfy their big data analytics needs or are planning to shift gear for public cloud.

The various syndicates harnessing the potential of cloud server Hosting include manufacturing sector, finance, healthcare, computing, and consumer electronics.  The most data intensive workloads moving to cloud include real-time operational database like SQL, CRM data, social media content, log files and website content. Despite the fact many are embracing public cloud models for their critical business applications there are still some bottlenecks to wider adoption due to security, privacy and compliance reasons of public cloud.

Whatever cloud security concerns exist with public cloud, potential adopters are rapidly rising in numbers due to the benefits with it. However, it is recommended to seek expert guidance prior to migrating your IT infrastructure to public cloud to ensure overall organizational improvements.

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