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Myths and their facts you need to know about Virtual Machine hosting

Undoubtedly, the sphere of cloud computing and virtual machine hosting is becoming popular every single day. At the same time, this popularity also increases the myth and misconceptions among users for VM hosting too.  

Therefore, we are come out to clear all the myths and misconceptions related to online VM. 

So, let’s start. 

Virtual machine hosting: Myths and their facts

Myth #1 – VM hosting is too expensive for SMBs

Many people think that top-notch IT solutions and online VM hosting services are more expensive for small-medium businesses (SMBs). In addition, people have a misconception that installation and maintenance with virtual machine hosting hit your pocket hard. Plus, a virtual server needs more support. Actually, they think that cloud hosting costs them more compared to traditional hosting.


For your information,  this myth does not go with online VM. In fact, the strategy of virtual hosting is to increase hardware efficiency and affordable costs. Virtual servers don’t need any additional support. In fact, with VM servers you don’t need to buy any server. All you news is to boost cloud storage capacity. Hence, it reduces the expenses of hardware and IT support. Furthermore, managed virtual hosting services are all about paying for whatever you use. As a result, it costs just a few bucks per hour.

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Myth #2 – Workplace becomes complex with virtualization

Particularly, most people are comfortable with traditional hosting. They feel easy to work with the hosting model that includes one set of server and one computer. But, in online hosting, a software-defined computer with its own hardware but virtually.


Contrary to that, many people think choosing VM hosting over traditional one is not necessarily complicated. In fact, the technical aspects of virtual machine hosting proclaims that it actually reduces complexity. 

As, it allows business owners to increase their IT systems and resources as per their needs. Beside that, they don’t need to worry about hardware limitations.

Myth #3 – A virtual server hosting is less secure

Many people think that data on virtual machine hosting is not secure. They have a misconception that VM servers are established outside the organization space leads insecurity of data. Further, they think the crucial data and credentials are more prone to loss or hack.


Currently, only a few instances of data security breaches come into the report. Primarily, VM hosting offers high priority security by server replication in the cloud. However, assuming that security is lacking due to VM servers are outside the company’s physical place is completely baseless. 

Myth #4 – VM with more processor work better 

People who are beginner or having less knowledge regarding virtual machines have this misconception. They think that adding more CPUs give them more work output.


Actually, its logical to think more is better. 

But not in the case of VM hosting

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For VM machines, one or two virtual CPUs is enough for most of the Windows applications you run. Contrary with that, assigning more than two CPUs can even decreases the overall performance.

To get the best performance of an online VM by adding CPUs, first check where you want to use it.

Basically, you need to decide how you would like to use this virtual machine: for gaming purpose, or just run any application. Additionally, also carefully check the application’s system. requirements.

Wrap Up!

Hopefully, this blog clears all your myths related to virtual machine hosting. So, after clearing all your misconceptions if you are interested and looking for an affordable VM hosting or cloud hosting service provider in India then reach us at <Email ID> for the best VM hosting services

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