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Most Commonly Asked Questions about Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting is where a client enterprise can lease a server for its exclusive use. It is therefore a worthwhile investment but it may be slightly hard for the newcomers to understand exactly what dedicated server hosting entails. So, it is only natural that first timers will have many questions regarding dedicated hosting. Some of these commonly asked questions have been discussed below:

  • To start with, interested customers are usually keen to know what dedicated hosting really is. The answer to this basic question is that dedicated hosting is a type of hosting environment which is dedicated exclusively for needs of a specific website. This makes it most useful for the larger websites which get a lot of traffic and need a unique hosting installation. In this form of hosting, the user will be granted access to the server and this gives him power to customize it to suit his interests.
  • Another very commonly asked question is how dedicated hosting works. Customers are made to understand that dedicated servers are for exclusive use; they are physical servers which will offer customers highest degree of customizability and control. Users can enjoy a much better access to resources. They can customize the CPU, operating systems, storage and bandwidth etc.
  • One of the more popular questions on dedicated server hosting is who can benefit from it. Dedicated servers are typically meant for the technical users because managing these and looking after their security and efficiency is not an easy task. So, dedicated hosting will invariably be used by the high-traffic sites, high-security apps and other complex applications. This is also why dedicated hosting is far more costly than other hosting plans and it will be used by individuals and companies who already have successful online businesses.
  • Customers also ask questions to find out how dedicated hosting differs from shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, in dedicated hosting users will have complete access to the server. In shared plans, users get a slice of the server and they must share resources with co-users sharing the same server space. It is almost like living in an apartment building where you will only rent one apartment, but in dedicated hosting, you will be renting the whole building. So, instead of sharing the server resources with multiple sites you can enjoy exclusive access to these resources.
  • A rather important question in regard to dedicated hosting is what the difference is between managed plans and unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. In unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can rent an empty server and then customize it. So, you are responsible for server security, server management, updates and upgrades and everything needed to run the server optimally. But, in managed dedicated hosting, you can enjoy support from a team of professionals who will install and run the server for you. While you may need to perform some technical jobs, these are far less compared to running the server entirely on your own, as in unmanaged hosting.
  • Customers will also be keen to know about the possible benefits of dedicated hosting. So, what the hosting benefits of dedicated servers are is an obvious question in the minds of consumers. Dedicated servers are perhaps the most secure servers simply because you never have to share the resources with co-users. So, even if there are vulnerabilities and malicious activities happening on neighbouring sites, they will not make your server slow. Besides, dedicated hosting guarantees a much higher server uptime because chances of software or hardware crashes are few. The server can be customized to enhance performance and structured uniquely for addressing your specific business needs. There is no need to share resources with anyone. And finally, they are highly scalable so that you can keep getting more resources to cope with the growing needs of the site.
  • A question which is extremely relevant in this regard is what the possible drawbacks of dedicated hosting are. Customers must know that this type of hosting is not for everyone. It is especially challenging for the newcomer because it involves a lot of technical knowhow. You will have to hire a whole team to manage the server. When you spend more to get managed hosting, your technical tasks are reduced. The high costs are also a big drawback for dedicated hosting. These plans are very costly and for startups which must work with small budgets, this is not a cost-friendly option at all.

These are some of the more often asked questions on dedicated server hosting which anyone keen to buy such plans needs to go through. Answers to these questions can help you get an idea of what dedicated server hosting really is all about and whether you will benefit from it or not in the first place.

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