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How Dedicated IP Addresses Benefits Search Engine Optimization

When your website enjoys higher Google ranking, it means that you have a better chance of selling your products or services. To get this high rank in a search engine like Google, it is imperative to deploy SEO techniques. The SEO experts will keep working consistently to ensure that your website can get better positions in the results page and higher leads as a result. In doing so, they rely heavily on dedicated IP addresses. The dedicated IP address will offer many benefits to SEO efforts as compared to a shared IP address.

To understand how much more beneficial the dedicated IP address can be when it comes to improving your website rankings on Google, you should know what a shared IP address is and its drawbacks. The server in which your site is being hosted is typically a single machine which will own a distinct IP address. But, when you sign up for shared hosting plans, there will be many more websites being hosted on that single machine. So, all the sites sharing the same platform will be automatically identified by the same IP address which has been provided to that server. In comparison, a dedicated IP address will be primarily used by sites which sell products online, like the ecommerce stores. Such websites typically handle sensitive information such as credit card details and other personal data. A dedicated IP address offers many significant advantages to websites where SEO is concerned:

One of the biggest benefits which a dedicated IP address will offer is higher loading speed for your web pages. When you share an IP address with some other websites and any of these turns out to be more successful than your site, you will notice your website gradually slowing down. When you acquire a distinct IP address on a shared server, it is not a guarantee that your site will be loading faster. But, if you can get hold of a distinct dedicated IP address in a platform which caters exclusively to your site, it is likely to bring about an improvement in site speed. Switching to dedicated hosting will automatically make your website far more secure, reliable and fast.

Another important benefit is the SSL certification. Google is known to give higher rankings to sites which have proper SSL certifications. So, websites which have URLs starting with https are considered to be secure for online users. This is a genuine benefit in terms of SEO which cannot be undermined. The certification will ensure that your website is visible via public networks and it can run better and faster so that more and more visitors may come to it. The Google crawlers have been typically designed to index websites with this certificate and they will always favor sites which have https.

When you have a dedicated IP address it means higher security and better performance for your website. This is especially true of the websites which get a lot of incoming traffic. When you have shared hosting and a shared IP address, you will find hundreds of websites using the same address. This result in overloading of the server causing it to crash frequently and resulting in downtimes. But a dedicated IP eliminates these problems and make your site readily accessible. When you have dedicated IP address, your hosting speed is substantially increased and this in turn influences your site performance as well as site security. The SSL certificate will also protect your domain name and your emails from the phishing scams. You will never want another party to clone your site to extract private information. When armed with a SSL certificate, this becomes impossible to achieve. Besides, using the SSL will also ensure that all sensitive information gets encrypted. Reports have revealed that a huge percentage of online visitors are scared that their private data can be misused for illicit reasons. To make sure a site has SSL certification, there is a lock icon or a green bar which visitors must lookout for before they buy anything online or release private information.

When there are many websites sharing an IP address they will be sharing resources from the same server. Many of the users may even contain malware. This turns out to be a great risk because when there are bad neighbors, there are chances of your site getting blacklisted. Your SEO rankings will immediately. So, in such a situation, it is always preferable to own a distinct IP address with any reputed and reliable web hosting provider. Such reputed web hosting services can offer you dedicated IP addresses at affordable costs and they will even set these up for you.

These are some of the key reasons why a dedicated IP address is the safest bet for ecommerce companies. While getting to the first page in Google rankings may be controlled by a multitude of factors, the IP address and SSL certificates are unarguably one of the most significant factors.

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