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Key Aspects of Moving Enterprise Email from One Service Provider to Another

Key Aspects of Moving Enterprise Email from One Service Provider to Another

Whenever critical email data associated with any business has to be moved from one account to another, the process is referred to as email migration. In many situations it becomes necessary to migrate email account including need to upgrade existing platform or version.

Email migration is a common feature of mergers and acquisitions. Since migration of business critical email data is a vital process, one must choose a proven email migration service provider. In view of the same, let us understand important features of an ideal email migration service.

Challenges of email migration

Email migration process is governed with complexities. This can be especially true in case of email server upgrade or migration to cloud based email service. Unexpected consequences of improper email migration by inexperienced service providers can lead to grave issues including loss of mission critical data that is stored within archives and mailboxes during its movement from legacy applications.

There is also a possibility of loss or protection layers that may be applied to secure emails against advanced risks. It is found that productivity and performance is impacted due to mail systems going offline. This can even force organizations to perform migration process during off time irrespective of an accelerated or gradual switch over.

Precise planning

Since the entire process of email migration is a highly complex one, there has to be a structured approach to email migration and it should be backed by flawless planning of the architecture where the email is supposed to be moved. Ideally the organizational plan for migration must be adhered to for successful migration.

Checking for errors

Pilot testing is an important step to confirm that the migration is free from errors. This will also help identify possible issues regarding compatibility. The pilot phase provides a golden opportunity for resolution of issues that might come up after the email goes live post migration.

Scalable and cost efficient

One must make sure that the service provider is capable of migrating large workloads consisting of voluminous mail boxes with scalability. In addition, the provider of email migration services must be able to design cost efficient processes that make use of optimum resources.

Migration of email and other associated services can lead to an array of stressful situations. Right email migration service offers smooth migration experience without hassles. These providers have reliable experience of migrating email irrespective of existing email hosting platform.

Speed of migration is an important attribute of reputed providers since these are using internet powered data transfer with unlimited bandwidth support. Email transition can be simplified by reducing need to use software, hardware, or setting up configuration.

Employing the finest security measures including SSL encryption is essential for maintaining secured email migration.

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