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Innovations and Cloud adoption Boosting Proliferation of IoT in India

We have been bombarded by buzzwords everyday and most of these are grossly misunderstood by us in terms of their implications on our day to day lives. IoT or Internet of Things is one such phenomenon that deserves deeper insight because majority of individuals feel that it has something to do with IT sector only.

Cloud Adoption

Emergence of IoT

The origin of Internet of Things can be traced back to the year 1950. What started as an experiment to establish a small communication network between two labs has blown up into an amazing super network that comprises of billions of interconnected communication lines. Internet has indeed come a long way and we have hardly ever noticed how it has engulfed our daily lives.

Although the concept of IoT is fairly perplexing, we can try to understand the same by looking at large number of technologically advanced devices and equipment that capable of interacting with each other in addition to sense, monitor, and even react to human behavior.

If we look at the Indian perspective, we are already witnessing a significant shift to technological innovation, thanks to the ‘make in India’ initiative of our new government.

People are already using apps to access air conditioners that can be switched on to cool their homes or offices, so that they are welcome with a hush of cool air as soon as they enter premises. Then there are apps that control music systems, refrigerators, cars, TV sets, and so forth.

There is hardly any aspect of our life that is not touched by Internet of Things. It would be interesting to assess the influence of the latest Internet revolution in different sectors and industry verticals.

Residential Sector

IoT has already made its presence felt in residential and office premises, as already mentioned elsewhere. Entrepreneurs are able to monitor their office premises from anywhere or working mothers are able to keep an eye on their homes and children through internet based monitoring systems by using their smart phones.

Smart cloud based hosting systems can be leveraged to monitor home air conditioning, residential lighting, and so forth. Internet of Things is also able to provide alarm systems in offices or residences that can be triggered in the event of intruders trying to access sensitive areas.

E-commerce and business

Optimization of business processes is being supported by IoT in a big way. It is also being leveraged to get meaningful insights about customer behavior by tracking their in-store movements and search histories. E-commerce stores can accordingly design tailored sales promotion campaigns for greater conversions and longer customer retention. You can also witness IoT in action in manufacturing sector as well as transport sector.

Government sector

There is a plethora of government initiatives including development of smart cities, safety of women, telemedicine, smart grids, intelligent transport system, help-lines for patients, and so forth. All these initiatives are backed by internet technologies.

In a daring move that would help startups develop innovative concepts that are focused at IoT, Government of India has joined hands with National Association of Software and Services to build a Center of Excellence in the electronic city of Bengaluru. All such initiatives are firm steps taken by Government in the direction of creating an ideal ecosystem for the development of IoT.

Healthcare and exercise

Go to any online shop and search for wearable devices or fitness bands. You will be bombarded by a huge assortment of fitness bands that have been highly sought after by health enthusiasts. These come in different forms including wrist bands or smart watches that can be integrated with smart phones and customized to individual health parameters.

Some of these devices are designed to monitor personal fitness on day to day basis. Whether you want to monitor your blood pressure or blood glucose levels, these devices have you covered. These devices can be programmed to communicate with healthcare providers in the event of any irregularities.

In Indian healthcare landscape many enterprises including CardealLabs and Cooey are in the forefront of driving the technological growth in the IoT ecosystem. India is poised to realize its long cherished dream of ‘healthcare for all’ by pushing these internet enabled technologies.

Farming and agriculture

India has an essentially an agriculture based economy and fifty per cent of India’s employment is driven by this sector. IoT has been assisting this important sector by developing state of the art information systems that provide real time data about weather and soil composition to farmers. The development of IoT device is a giant step in this direction.

The device needs to be placed in the oil and is designed to pass on real time informatics related to moisture, minerals, pH, nutrients, and other vital parameters to enable cloud solutions to warn farmers if something goes wrong. There are many more cloud based solutions being developed to help farmers improve agricultural output through better understanding of climatic conditions as well as soil related parameters.

Contrary to common understanding, IoT is not only limited to IT sector but also making remarkable inroads into diverse sectors. Looking at the continued pace of cloud an internet adoption, India is certainly cruising on the highway of IoT. The progress is further boosted by a plethora of startups that are considerably contributing to the development of IoT market that is poised to grow at a 28 percent year on year growth rate by 2020.

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