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How to Determine a Suitable Colocation Service Provider?

Is Colocation the way to follow?

This is a question that keeps on daunting our minds and is a bit difficult to answer.

The answer to this might vary from person to person. To some individuals who run small sites for personal usage/blogs or for small business houses, colocation might not be a suitable option as they do not require the level of services rendered by colocation and are better off with Web hosting.

Colocation is an appropriate hosting decision for businesses who want to benefit from the features of a large IT department without incurring costs.

Colocation services offer a reasonably priced option for a business to sustain a remarkable Internet presence for itself. With the aid of these services, a company can focus on their core business without getting perturbed about the maintenance of Internet servers.

So now you can easily comprehend the term – colocation and you may even find it to be an appropriate approach for you.

A pertinent question, that arises here is – How do you select a colocation provider?

Deciding onto a colocation provider is a tactical business decision that requires solicitous attention. Thus it becomes highly imperative to locate a proper colocation provider.

Colocation Facility

Here’s a list of a few of the features that on should ensure while selecting a colocation provider:

Costs Involved: This is one of the point that needs immediate attention of a business. You should confirm and diligently understand the cost structure that the provider is charging you. Sometimes, the service providers might levy additional charges for every extra feature, whereas some might include the requisite features in the basic package itself. So try locating a colocation service provider that charges you a fair price in addition to the other points.

Proximity to the Colocation Facility: Ensure the location of the dedicated service provider. Do monitor the distance that you need to travel to keep a tap of your hardware and software. It is advisable to opt for a colocation facility that is well within your reach, so that you can manage travelling to the location without any hassle. Also, one must ensure that the colocation facility should not be situated in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters. Avoid providers located in the areas which are more prone to threats of increased downtime.

Scalability: It is utmost important for a business to measure the provider’s efficiency to aid them with their evolving computing and network requirements, as their businesses grow. Try locating a provider who implements new facility design elements and at the same time integrate proven technologies to facilitate better operations.

Prompt Technical Support: Make certain that your provider renders technical support round the clock to ensure uninterrupted business processes. Technicians should be accessible by e-mail & phone in case if any problem arises. Also, contact your references to ascertain that how does your colocation facility provider respond in case of failure conditions.

Security: Physical security should be paid due diligence to, while selecting the service provider. A colocation service provider should adopt comprehensive security measures to keep your mission critical data safe. There should be a provision to maintain routine backup service. Moreover; various methods such as biometric machines, keypad or electronic locks, digital camera should be utilized by the service providers as a security measure.

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