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Cloud Migration: Is it a Boon or Bane for Enterprises?

Organizations across the globe have admitted that they are apprehensive about cloud hosting implementations. Some firms claim that they had to undergo substantial budget alterations to make changes to the design strategy. Similarly, CIOs and IT/business managers have realized that cloud migration is not a cake walk.

Contrastingly, some businesses which have adopted cloud hosting claim that they are extremely satisfied with the results obtained. I am an untiring advocate for the vital advantages of cloud-based solutions as compared to traditional on-premise software. Yet, from some online survey findings, I understand that a business owner’s feedback is heavily dependent on the type of cloud vendor he/she has employed. While some survey findings outline numerous potential pitfalls, others shed light on the way cloud migration proves to be beneficial for business applications and processes.

As a matter of fact, security is still the harshest obstacle in the zone of cloud implementation. It is closely followed by capacity planning, monitoring, instant provisioning, compliance and billing. Yet, billing proves to be the easiest function provided by cloud migration; it is trailed by provisioning and the rest. Clearly, security remains a major concern.

Here’s enlisting four key strategies which can help organizations overcome cloud security risks:

  • Conduct a thorough research about the security features of your prospective provider’s cloud
  • Build an in-depth knowledge base about various cloud hosts in the market
  • Be a smart buyer and invest in the most reputed brand
  • Start prioritizing business functions and consider outsourcing for better and/or faster results.
  • Select a managed cloud. Inquire about 24×7 support services in the model.

Remember that a robust cloud computing systems will prove to be far more secure than your traditional in-house IT environment. No wonder that cloud migration has become a popular buzzword. Therefore, ensure that you select a provider which is proficient in delivering managed cloud solutions. Only then you will leverage improved productivity, scalable IT solutions and customized business continuity plans.

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