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CDNs Can Prove Advantageous to Gaming Companies

CDNs Can Prove Advantageous to Gaming Companies

Companies which offer games to end-users on the Internet are likely to face numerous challenges in doing so. Many of these challenges can be deftly tackled and even overcome through CDNs. A content delivery network is basically a time-proven technology that can handle these roadblocks and deliver game patches and downloads in lightning speeds.

In a CDN, there are many service providers offering varied capabilities; you will find CDNs coming to the rescue of different companies. So, you have retailers that use this technology to make their site available to end users at all times and publishers whose online content can reach out to a global audience through a cdn server. There are video companies which can keep their viewers captivated with high-quality streaming and gaming companies that guarantee faster downloading and a more satisfying gaming experience for their users. None of these would have been possible without a content delivery network.

Why do modern gaming companies require CDNs?

• With the emergence of new and improved technologies like Ultra HD and 4K, the sizes of game that have to be downloaded from online sites has also increased. The gaming experience has become more rewarding no doubt, but the experience of getting the game started may be quite frustrating. Downloading gaming content will take a lot of time unless there is a CDN involved. Once you have paid for a game download, you will definitely not navigate away from a website simply because the downloading process is taking time. But the wait can be rather damaging for the site’s reputation. It will culminate in a poor user experience which does the company no good.

• There is a way to get around this waiting problem and the CDNs are the best solution for gaming companies. When you can cache content or replicate site content in multiple servers strewn all across the globe, you can offer companies the power to deliver game downloads at super fast speeds. The CDN will also enable a gaming company to provide patches to its customers whenever they need these. Server crashes and downloading failures have become a thing of the past because of the efficiency of a content delivery network. The CDN therefore helps to dramatically enhance your pre-gaming experiences.

• When it comes to delivery of very large files, gaming companies may find it challenging. Slow connectivity and traffic surges only escalate the problem. The connectivity speed on the part of the end-user is something which the gaming company has no control over. However, the CDN makes sure that the company can deliver the large files to the gamer at record speeds.

• This is not only true for those playing online games by downloading these online; it is also true of customers who buy box games. Many of these games sold in boxes need per-installed download. So, even if the game is available in a brick and mortar store, the users will have to buy a patch while they are installing it on their computers. It is important to understand that for the gamer waiting in anticipation for the game to start, any type of pre-installation downloading is not going to be a good experience. So, when this time is prolonged because of the company’s inability to deliver content faster, the experience worsens. You will find gamers constantly complaining about such experiences in gaming forums.

• CDNs are also advantageous to the gaming companies because they help the latter to understand how best to reach out to their buyers. To install and manage servers you will need to invest a lot of money and there will be ongoing expenses too for maintaining personnel and global set-ups. To avoid funds being misused, you need to be able to guess how exactly to spend it intelligently. When you have a wide network of servers all around the globe, you can get an insight into facts like countries where your games are more popular and whether you have servers there or not. With these analytics to help you, it is easier to deliver gaming content online.

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• When you choose to sign up for a content delivery network, it will ensure that your games can reach out to a much wider audience because of its multiple PoPs or Points of Presence. So, these PoPs will bring your game closer to your end-user and consequently increase the downloading speed. So, every time a user puts in a downloading request for a game, this request will be redirected to the server which is closest to the end user. That server can deliver the download to the customer much faster. This is not true of only a single location, this phenomenon is happening everywhere across the world. When there are multiple servers to take care of download requests, there are fewer instances of server overloading. Server overload is quite common when there is a sudden spate of requests. This again is a common occurrence when a new game gets released or a new patch is available to gamers. So, the CDN ensures that game content gets delivered quickly to your customers, no matter where they are located. The downloading will not be affected even if the original server crashes for some reason.

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