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Attributes of Cloud VPS that Score Over Classic VPS Hosting

It is predicted by none other than Gartner that every enterprise is going to be influenced by cloud in future. This conclusion is based on a survey that confirms 60 percent organizations planning to invest significantly in cloud solutions in next couple of years and a negligible portion (6 percent) deciding to reduce cloud investments.

No wonder, cloud server hosting is making great strides in terms of its adoption by enterprises from different industry verticals and of different sizes. Proliferation of cloud computing can be appreciated y knowing that it has been influencing even the basic things such as watches, games, TV, and mobile phones.

Cloud adoption is driven by number of factors including location independence, cost efficiency, higher uptime, enhanced collaboration, speed, scalability, and agility, to name a few. It is no wonder why more and more enterprises are embracing or planning to adopt cloud computing. This underlines need to prefer cloud VPS over traditional VPS hosting model.

Unlike a traditional VPS solution, cloud VPS is configured in cloud environment to make sure that your website is supported by all attributes of VPS environment by overcoming shortcomings of classic VPS solution.

Self Haling Features of Hardware

Cloud VPS offers fault tolerant features to mitigate impact of system failure. Users can proactively manage failure without impacting performance of website. Cloud VPS hosting is built to move to another node if any component or node fails. This assures a downtime free hosting environment to ensure continuity of services.

Since outages and natural disasters are bitter realities of life, you can make your website immune to such disasters by using cloud VPS solution. Your website will continue to be available in spite of disruptive events due to support of a large network of underlying servers.

Optimized and Centralized Storage

Every online business aspires to get as much space for the business website as needed at any given time. Cloud VPS server hosting offers a centrally managed and simple storage solution, thanks to SAN storage.

SAN enables you to exercise stringent control on data by obviating need to maintain multiple disks. It also facilitates faster backup bandwidth in addition to a high speed network support.

SAN is also capable of file sharing that allows quick and easy access to mission critical data from any global location. It ensures dynamic allocation of data in response to the need and also enables adding more resources due to its remarkable scalability. Your organization can easily aim for greater level of effectiveness with a enhanced mobility and better control of data.

Efficient Handling of Peak Time Traffic

Every business has potential to outgrow allocated resource sooner or later. This is a common observation during traffic spikes as a result of business growth, promotional campaigns including black Friday, or any other seasonal impact. These events can significantly influence performance or even availability of websites by overloading Virtual Private Server.

In a traditional VPS environment, you would approach your hosting provider for upgrading your VPS server price. This may take considerable time to deprive you of good business opportunity and result in loss of customers and revenues.

Cloud VPS hosting is designed to handle such unexpected workloads by using load balancer mechanism. It improves performance by intelligently distributing workloads including SSL requests, traffic surges, and database queries across servers, nodes, and other resources.

Use of Predefined Templates-

Cloud VPS can be instantly and easily provisioned, thanks to availability of predefined as well as customized templates including Drupal, WordPress, OpenCart, and Joomla to name a few. These enable easy and rapid install with just a single click. This will help you save time while obtaining and rebooting fresh server instances for a short period. Predefined templates are also useful to impart a compelling look to you website.

Meet Business Demands with Scalable Platform

Cloud VPS hosting allows you to modify your business plans in relation to the size of business. This feature of cloud VPS is extremely important during sudden spikes in demand.

Businesses can immediately scale resources including bandwidth, disk space, RAM, and CPU. In a traditional VPS hosting environment the process of scaling of resources requires a manual configuration and may take anywhere between hours and days to complete. In cloud VPS you are allowed to add more virtual private severs in few minutes flat.

Flexible payment options

Leading cloud VPS hosting providers empower clients to choose the payment as per their choice. These plans consist of pay-as-you-go or other subscription methods such as monthly, quarterly, and so forth. There is provision of an entirely automated payment system to make sure that there is never an issue.

Superior storage options

Faster performance of cloud PS can be partly attributed to an enhanced disk performance due to use of SSD drives. These drives are regarded to boost the performance of websites by three times the performance of HDD drives. This can help support multiple web applications to perform seamlessly and also ensures smooth functioning of exhaustive database.

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