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Adoption of Dedicated Hosting Boosts Your Business Prospects

Dedicated server hosting is similar to staying in a spacious bungalow that provides exclusive access to all amenities and sufficient space to grow your family. New business can manage with a shared hosting which is similar to a bachelor’s accommodation. However, adoption of a better choice of hosting becomes necessary, as the needs of websites grow in response to the expansion of business.

Unlike shared hosting, users of dedicated server hosting are allowed access to all resources of the server without any interference by neighbors. It is a perfect hosting option for business or ecommerce website that need to attract hordes of visitors by providing sufficient server resources for assured performance of websites and other mission critical applications.

Being one of the most extensively adopted and traditional ways of hosting, dedicated hosting has evolved to become a highly matured choice for running business websites. Users can look forward to proactive maintenance of serves by hosting service providers in addition to expert technical assistance at anytime of the day for 365 days in a year.

There are a multitude of reasons for adoption of dedicated server hosting by successful business enterprises. These are being elaborated in this article.

Secure hosting

Security is the most significant requirement of business websites because the entire gamut of business processes depends on the performance of business website. A slight security flaw can not only jeopardize business operations but may also lead to breach of sensitive information.

Thanks to the stringent security arrangements in a dedicated hosting environment, your server cannot be accessed by anyone but you and the service provider. Established hosts make sure that the server is protected with help of access control systems and biometric detection equipment surveillance systems and so forth.

In order to provide assured security against DDoS attacks, some service providers employ advanced security measures including firewall applications, stricter login criteria and automated server monitoring to name a few.

Dedicated servers are inherently secure because no neighboring website can intrude upon the privacy of your hosting arrangement like shared hosting services.

Guaranteed performance

In addition to being a secured hosting option, dedicated server hosting is highly appreciated for excellent performance of your business critical web applications and websites. Whether you are showcasing high definition visuals or bandwidth guzzling videos, your website continues to operate without any hassles due to dedicated resource allocation.

Modern generation is extremely impatient and young visitors hate to stay on websites that take longer time to load. Your website with dedicated server hosting support is designed to offer enhanced user experience due to fast loading pages. This will lead to more number of conversions and higher profitability.

Reputed dedicated hosting service providers commit themselves to stringent Service Level Agreements that cover vital issues such as resolving hardware glitches n addition to a promise of round the clock expert assistance and guaranteed uptime in excess of 99.99%. The uptime assurance is further boosted by ITIL compliant processes along with availability of enterprise class servers and spares.

Cost optimization

Business enterprises need to achieve an optimum level of expenditure for operating IT infrastructure. Unlike an onsite IT infrastructure, a hosted server arrangement proves to save significant costs due to absence of overhead expenses such as cooling systems, security measures, floor space, staffing expenses, and bandwidth or energy related expenditure to name a few.

A dedicated sever hosting ecosystem obviates all these costs and your enterprise only needs to pay for services. In short, you are able to avoid huge capital expenses without incurring significant amount of operating expenses. Since the service providers purchase hosting equipment such as servers and networking hardware in bulk quantity, clients stand to gain from economies of scale. This is also true in case of procurement of bandwidth and software licenses to run applications and operating systems.

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Dedicated hosting is a reliable resource for business websites on account of multiple reasons. The most vital resource for any website is the availability of seamless bandwidth. While, the bandwidth availability in case of shared hosting is questionable due to involvement of hungry neighborhood, a dedicated server makes sure that your website continues to consume reliable level of bandwidth.

Secondly, your dedicated server is backs by exclusive availability of processing power that would never be shared by any other website. This assures outstanding performance of your business critical applications at all times.

Freedom and flexibility

Users of dedicated server hosting are free to choose applications and security measures as per their requirements unlike a shared hosting environment which restricts your choice of these features. Management of server configuration is entirely within the scope of customers. In short you can enjoy unlimited customizability, control, and flexibility of the server environment for optimum performance of your business website if you opt for dedicated hosting.

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