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5 Reasons You Should Always Take a VPS Trial before Buying

Hosting services do not often turn out the way you had expected them. Oftentimes, businesses find themselves locked in a contract that is no longer beneficial and in turn pay exorbitant agreement breakout fee. As hosting providers ourselves, we understand how essential it is to retain customers but what use is a service that cannot fulfil the requirements of your client. Hosting agreements are indeed essential, especially when the service involves huge capital expenditure from the host. The provider just wants to ensure that you avail his service long enough for him to shell out profit out of the capital that he has invested in meeting your requirements. Trials and demos and are therefore essential for the client to establish his belief in the service and for the host to become sure the customer is not going to abandon in the middle of the agreement.

At Go4hosting, we provide demos on all our services, especially VPS, and our VPS trials are taken by a majority of people in the market for virtual private servers. As a matter of truth, not all those who try are converted but those who are, stay with us lifelong, until they switch to another advanced server, which in most case is a dedicated server.

So, to help you make a more informed decision, we’re here to assist you ascertain why trials are important while choosing a VPS.

  1. Helps solve questions

Your host’s website alone cannot solve all your queries. No matter how much you bug the customer representative with questions, a few questions always go unanswered or unquestioned. Taking demos helps you find answers to the questions that were never asked. It helps you know whether the service actually fits with your apps and website and whether you are better off with some other provider.

  1. Exposes Hosts

There is no dearth of hosts that promise something at the start and later cheat their customers with hidden conditions. Everything the sales representative may have said might not be true, though this is not the case with Go4hosting, but you may have interpreted things differently. For example, an unlimited data transfer on your server may only be unlimited up to a certain limit, after which the host may reduce your bandwidth and the transfer speed until you top up your plan.

  1. Resolves Conflicts

Conflicts among apps and the server are just as common as bugs appearing in your website. Even the most experienced developers never know when conflicts may arise. Because of different initial server settings, you can experience more bugs on some hosts and less on others. The best way to find out if the servers would create conflicts with your app ecosystem is to take a VPS Demo. Doing this will ensure that you get real hands-on experience of the platform and know of the bugs in real-time.

  1. Helps identify loopholes

Debugging is an important episode of app deployment and helps you identify sections where the code may need tinkering with. If you have ever launched an app before, you would know that even if the application complied without bugs, a few bugs will indeed surface during the deployment. When you take a VPS trial, these hidden loopholes are exposed in due course, so you can continuously keep eradicating bugs until the final deployment.

  1. Know your budget

Different providers charge differently for their VPS, especially after you have exhausted your free VPS credits. Now, there is no way for you to know which host would turn out as cheaper in the end, so it is really recommended that you analyze how fast you consume free credits. The last thing you would want is to overrun the VPS server price that was mutually decided upon in the agreement.

At Go4hosting, we give $50 as one-time signup credit with our cloud (with no expiration), which some users exhaust right away, running heavy games and apps, while some have credits remaining even after 6 months of usage.

So, when you try out the different providers, make sure that you keep track of how rapidly your apps eat up the free credits as this helps you determine how much you’d be spending out of your pocket. Let the app run for a week or more on all the VPS trials and take note of the free coins you are left with at the end. Choose whichever consumes the least.


To sum up, we’d say that demos are important not just on a virtual private server but every IT component, including software and applications, but the provider may not be very flexible in terms of trial and only allow limited components, and that defeats the purpose of demoing in the first place.

At Go4hosting, however, there is no limit to what is allowed and what is not. You can continue using as many features as many time as you like until you run out of credits. We also allow unlimited trial for 7 days on our VPS so you can get hands-on experience of our robust platform. Speak with our customer agent now or start chat and we’d be more than happy to set up a few things for you.

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