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Colocation Server Hosting

5 Benefits of Colocation Server Hosting You Need to be Aware of

Colocation server hosting is the practice of renting space in data centers owned by third parties to place physical servers and other IT infrastructure. Colocation server hosting stands in contrast with cloud computing services where hosting companies use their own servers to provide computational resources to clients. Companies reluctant to maintain their own IT infrastructure often choose to colocate their servers in a third-party owned colocation facility. Let us discuss some benefits offered by colocation server hosting:

1) Colocation saves money

Colocation centers are large facilities spread over thousands of square feet. By choosing colocation server hosting, companies leverage the benefit of economies of scale as they share all the expenses with other tenants.

Companies installing IT infrastructure on their premises need to spend a considerable chunk of their budget on maintaining hardware. They bear expenses such as floor rentals, licensing fee and hiring IT staff. When they colocate their hardware, it obviates the need for such expenses. Businesses that seek to expand their capacity can colocate and save on costly facility construction or leasing.

2) Colocation reduces downtime

Colocation server hosting reduces server downtime significantly. When companies maintain servers on their own location, they face the risk of unscheduled downtime. Power outages can occur, UPS backup can fail and technicians can be unavailable on account of any reason.

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Colocation server hosting offers access to a professionally managed environment. Colocation facilities are armed with a wide array of amenities to keep servers and applications up and running at all times. All colocation centers have backup generators and reserve fuel to ensure there is no interruption in service. There is provision for automated back-up of the client’s data. Plus, there is a team of technical professionals to ensure all technical glitches are resolved as early as possible. These facilities allow systems to run seamlessly round the clock.

3) Colocation offers security

In an age where cybersecurity breaches have become commonplace, data security is of paramount importance. Colocation server hosting assures clients of a high level of safety and security. Colocation centers are equipped with a multi-tier security system. Most of them have biometric scanners, monitored alarms, fire extinguishers and high-resolution CCTV cameras in addition to armed personnel at strategic locations. These centers also have provision for robust air-conditioning to maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels under all conditions. Plus, only authorized personnel to have access to the server area.

Colocation centers have robust cybersecurity protocols such as premium quality firewalls and managed backup services that guarantee restoration of data in case of a breach. Choosing a suitable colocation server hosting plan helps businesses secure their applications and minimize the possibility of a breach.

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4) Colocation offers flexibility

Companies seeking to expand operations need to have a flexible strategy in place. Colocation server hosting allows them to prepare for expansion in advance. With colocation, companies can switch to higher bandwidth levels whenever there is a sudden surge in demand with no interruption in service. Plus, they need to pay only for the resources they use. This imparts tremendous flexibility in terms of usage of resources.

5) Colocation assures round-the-clock technical help

Most colocation facilities have round-the-clock personnel for managing everything ranging from maintenance of the facility, troubleshooting to preventing disasters such as system failures, power outages and security breaches. Presence of a team 24*7 averts any major mishap and frees the businesses for other vital activities.

The bottom line

Colocation hosting server India offers several benefits: businesses can cut down on their IT budget, reduce server downtime, secure IT hardware, scale up whenever required and enjoy uninterrupted technical assistance.

A good colocation service can be one of the best investments a company can make. In case you need information on our colocation server hosting plans, connect with our seasoned technical consultants on our toll-free number 1-888-288-3570.

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