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20+ Best Hosting WordPress Themes with Full WHMCS Manager Integration 2016

You can choose from any of the following WordPress themes that have been primarily designed for web hosting purposes and for domain registrars. Web hosting turns out to be one of the most rapidly growing industries and cloud services for instance are expected to expand by about 30% more every for the next decade.

  1. MaxHost is a responsive, lightweight, fast-loading WordPress web hosting theme which is useful for corporate businesses. It allows professionals to save a lot of time because it is technologically advanced and simplistically designed. It enjoys compatibility with the WHMCS templates and can be easily set up in your WHMCS zone.

2. ZionHost is also another technologically-superior and professionally developed WordPress theme which is very engaging and intuitive. It is user-friendly and very responsive, being equipped with many sophisticated tools which can help webmasters to create professionally-designed hosting sites.

3. InHost happens to be a technologically superior and modern, sophisticated WordPress theme which is compatible with WHMCS. This has been specially created for corporate and business needs, hosting site needs and needs of designing agencies.

4. MegaHost is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which is based upon the Bootstrap front-end framework. It is popularly used in the hosting industry and is versatile in nature because there are as many as nine demos available which show what you can achieve using this theme. It also offers parallax effects which are being used by the major brands for their sites; so MegaHost will allow you to create a professional-looking website that is visually superior to your competitor sites.

5. Avada is another resourceful and flexible theme which is modern and responsive at the same time. It is a multi-purpose theme which can handle the creation of vast sites such as those which will handle hosting-related services or cloud solutions.

6. Alaska is also a premium WordPress theme which displays good taste and elegance; it is well-designed and has cross-compatibility between WordPress and WHMCS. So, it is versatile and can successfully improve web pages, particularly those of hosting sites.

7. Arka Host is also a flexible and vast professionally designed theme which is visually attractive and appealing. It comes with many attractive features and is technologically advanced. It is safe and dependable with modern and cutting edge technologies.

8. HostingPress is also a technologically-advanced and resourceful theme which is user-friendly and modern in design. It has been especially designed for webmasters seeking to create modern-looking and fully-functional sites which are meant for website management or hosting services.

9. OneHost is simplistically designed and elegant; it is uncluttered and aesthetically designed, functional and pristine, modern and fast loading. This WordPress theme is very intuitive and user-friendly, engaging and responsive. It can support deep-running WHMCS features; comes with short codes which are customizable and has visual branding features that can create sleek sites which may be dynamically loaded.

10. MultiHost is feature rich and well-developed. It is professional and safe, extremely reliable and visually appealing, graphically customizable, adaptable and responsive. This theme combines many powerful features using the WHMCS Bridge plugin and you are not required to write a single code.

11. NRGHost is another WordPress theme which caters to single and multiple pages. It comes with an aesthetic design and guarantees a great browsing experience for its users. The code is well crafted and customizable by those who have coding expertise.

12. FlatHost is modern Bootstrap-based premium WordPress theme which is ideally suited for hosting packages. It is responsive and affordable, backed by solid support and easy customization. It has a mobile-friendly design and will ensure that the site appears spectacular no matter which device you use.

13. Hostify: This is created for hosting providers and is custom-built; it has a fluid layout that ensures that your website visitors can access it, regardless of the device they use. It comes with many font options which allow you to choose the perfect font design for the website, depending on its nature.

14. Servereza is also another responsive WordPress theme which has been designed for business sites and hosting sites. You can easily build a professional-looking site using this theme. It also has a domain search feature which allows your potential clients to check whether their preferred domain names are available.

15. Wish is another elegant and visually attractive theme that is resourceful and technologically advanced. It is robust and highly reliable, user-friendly and lightweight, attractive and modern looking and mobile-friendly.

16. Hostname is minimal responsive and uses latest web standards. It comes with user-friendly short codes and many useful features.

17. CloudHoster is simplistically designed; responsive and useful for web hosting businesses. This theme is highly customizable and may cater to all kinds of hosting solutions.

18.  HostChilly is also a sharp and minimal theme which is good for webhosters. It comes with a content slider and many useful features like custom service plans, payment integration, WHMCS support and VPS configurator.

19. HostMagnet is a responsive WordPress theme for web hosting and cloud hosting providers. It has WHMCS order form templates and VPS slider and comes with different colors.

20. CloudChilly is responsive and can be suitably optimized for tablets, smartphones and desktops. It also has a content slider and many features; it is SEO-friendly that makes it easy to locate your business.

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