Private Cloud Storage

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Cloud hosting or storing data in the cloud simply means securing data in a multi shared server platform which can be shared by those who are allowed to access it. There are three types of hosting solutions available. Users can either store their data on a shared server platform. The second stage is securing data on a virtual private server and lastly, companies can even opt for private cloud storage.

Unlike shared server hosting or virtual private server hosting, private cloud storage means that an entire server is dedicated to a single entity. This means that the data stored on this server is protected with the utmost level of security. There are no shared users meaning that there cannot be any unwarranted intrusions of accidental pilferage of data.

Hosting data on a private cloud offers ultimate security with complete flexibility. The single user can shutdown or restart the system whenever he or she wishes to. There is no need to adjust requirements according to what others may need or want.

All said and done, opting for a private cloud space could attract significant spending. Companies, especially startups may not have that kind of money for putting into hosting solutions. However if the firm is on the cusp of phenomenal growth it is always better to choose a dedicated server right at the outset.


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