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If you intend to launch your online web site successfully then it is imperative to make your web site more interactive and efficient. You can make use of new forums, and blogs. In fact, your website will ultimately open doors for spectacular growth of your business enterprise. You would require a forum where the users can examine various issues and get the support. phpBB is a free and increasingly popular bulletin board software solution offered by innovative technology.

phpBB denotes PHP Bulletin board. It is gaining immense popularity and is being used by lot of people worldwide. This open source bulletin board phpBB offers large number of features and functionalities. In fact, it can cater to your requirements whether you desire to connect with a limited group of people or in case you need to post releases for a large corporate website.

phpBB is appreciated by new users as well as professionals. This is due to the reason that it has an extensive administration panel which help in customization of complex features without editing the code. In addition, it allows integration in to the existing systems with lot of ease. phpBB has recently released its third version with high quality designs. It also provides high security and supports multiple language interfaces.

The phpBB implementation offers numerous functional features. However, you can have experienced programmer who has relevant skills for effective utilization of the service for your website. These days there are many experienced phpBB theme coders available. With their assistance, you will be able to customize and create personalized services as per your requirement.

What is phpBB used for?

phpBB is used by developers to create forum-based websites. phpBB comes with a sophisticated bulletin board that offers several user-friendly features. phpBB administrator allows you to make changes to the code without requiring any permission. Using the CMS, you can create a virtual community on your website that’s equipped with features such as story posting, messaging, polls, comments, and so on. phpBB uses PHP scripting language and MySQL database.

phpBB Requirements:

Some of the key requirements for phpBB are as follows:

1) A web hosting account on Windows or Linux

2) A SQL database system

3) PHP 5.4 or above that supports the database you want to use


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