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PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce software available for the online sites across the globe under the GNU (General Public License). It came into use in the year 2007 and has over 275 features that gives plenty of prospects to its users to increase their sales with minimum effort and investment. It is available in over 40 languages.

PrestaShop has numerous benefits for its users. The client can keep a track of the customer location, their choice of products etc. It also delivers figures about the daily sales and statistics like- how much business is being generated each day, on which day in a week the sales are the most or the lowest, which products and catalogues are attracting the visitors and which sell the most can easily be obtained.

PrestaShop comes with many in-built marketing tools for following up on clients with emails, subscriptions, loyalty point programs, newsletters, refer a friend, discount programs and many more similar. The business owner can send reminders to their customers as and when new products are added and can send circulars to frequent visitors on products creating interest among users. adding the new products available or the products that are selling more. They can write about any special discount and coupons.

PrestaShop offers over 2000 plugins for an e-commerce business to create a stunning website with inspiring templates. Users can be added modular blocks to build and manage features of a website. It also offers one-page register that gives the customers view all the products, the shopping options available, shipping restrictions, the costs and details of each item.