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OXID eShop is an ecommerce software with several functionalities. The open source platform with its state-of-art architecture can be modified and customized to suit the individual needs with its ease of use features. OXID eShop community edition is licensed as a free software under GNU GPL3 while the OXID Professional edition needs a license to be purchased although both offer similar range of functions and support ERP (enterprise resource planning)/SOAP (simple object access protocol) interface. OXID eShop is an integrated CMS in a Web2.0 package SEO optimized tool with expandable and modifiable features and can easily be upgraded to a higher platform with no risk of data loss. The software comes with one click installers that makes the setup an easy process on Windows, OSX or Linux systems. OXID eShop is a mobile friendly ecommerce shopping cart solution that can effectively be expanded with several modules for sales, marketing, payment processing, order filling and other functions. It offers a safe and secure payment gateway and creates a unique shopping experience. The OXID platform can be easily expandable without much of a hassle. OXID eShop POS offers advantages of a retail outlet and combines it with the online ecommerce to give an enhanced, secure and innovative mobile shopping experience.