Load Balancing

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A methodology of distributing the load of work in a series of computers, or the main processing units or a computer chain is known as load balancing. Its main focus is to put the available resources to its best use thus increasing the efficiency and affectivity of the resources by minimizing the reflex time required by the systems. This is done by a number of ways such as through the means of dedicated software or hardware or through Domain name System. This is done by allocating an application server to the specified task when the other servers are under maintenance or is unavailable with reference to other functions.

This further improves the availability and responsiveness of the installed resources. The load balancer equalizes the pressure of running an application off from one system to the cluster of systems. It is most straight way to scale the application server infrastructure. This is the method responsible for the balancing act of distribution of the incoming traffic among the servers which have been earmarked to host a identical application content.


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