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Why Is There A Need For IPv6?

IPv6 is being developed as a solution to the various limitations that is being found in the current Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4). The benefits with IPv6 are as follows:

- There has been a vast increase in the number of internet users.
- There has also been an increase in the IP enabled devices that are being used to access the internet.
- IPv4 used 32 bits for an IP address allowing about 4 billion addresses and has exhausted since then. IPv6 uses the 128 bits which is allowing a massive increase of up to 340 trillion, trillion, trillion addresses creating more space.
- IPv6 is it is able to provide better end to end connectivity among multiple applications. It also does not require NAT (network address translation).
- IPv6 offers automated configuration of addresses.
- IPv6 supports simplified headers in seven fields instead of the 13 fields in IPv4.

IpV6 offers enhanced security for with two new extension headers. When IPv4 was designed security was not given much of importance. Today security is the prime concern for everyone with the increasing Denial of Service attacks and many more similar attacks. There is a tremendous boost in the quality of service with IPv6 protocol and it has better Multicast and Anycast abilities than the IPv4.

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