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What is the Role of a GST Suvidha Provider

GST Suvidha provider (GSP) is reckoned as a facilitator for the businesses in India to comply with the rules and provisions of the GST laws through the GST software. GST is a system that is backed by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN). The GSTN is a centralized IT infrastructure that handles all the features of the GST administration and management in India.

The GSP is a private non-profit entity in which the central and state government together hold 49.5% stake. GSTN has created an agenda for providing GST Suvidha Provider licenses to third-party applications who can become application service providers (ASP) by building software that connects to any interface like desktops, mobile devices etc.

The GSPs and ASPs together are expected to provide simple and innovative methods to the taxpayers and others to interact with the GST systems right from the time of registration to uploading the invoice to the filing of tax. This is in tune with the Digital India initiative of creating a paperless tax system and making it simpler to do business.

The taxpayer can choose one or more ASP or GSP of their choice i.e. they can register with one provider and pay their tax with another GSP.

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