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How Does the GSP Assimilate with the GST System?

One of the important fundamentals for GSPs to connect the GST system is to format a secure connection using the MPLS VPN over the internet to the GSTN data centers. MPLS VPN is multiple ways being adopted to use multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) to build the VPNs (virtual private networks).

The GSPs enable their services with the GST authentication and only then can connect to the MPLS VPN via the internet after validation of the license key. The authentication request is restricted to GSPs that are registered with the GSTN.

It is mandatory for all the external users like taxpayers, officials to connect to the GSTL portal through the SSL (Secure socket layer) authentication which can be in the form of user id/ password, OTP or single sign authentication.The API will not connect to any insecure connection. It must be only through HTTPS via the MPLS or VPN over the internet.

The GSPs must get the license key when they sign up with the GSTN to get access to the system via either of the two sources of MPLS or VPN. The GST Suvidha provider GSP will create compatibility with the license key, sub-license key etc. All the signature verifications, if any, will; be via the license key plus app version and other meta- data.

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