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GST Cloud

Go4hosting GST Cloud Infrastructure

You must get GST ready by associating with the appropriate infrastructure as the entire nation prepares to comply with the historical tax reform. Every organization relies upon its vital applications such as SAP, ERP and SAP HANA among others. These applications are designed to provide robust support for mission critical business processes including taxation and accounting.

By helping you design a bespoke GST oriented infrastructure, Go4hosting allows you to ensure a smooth evolution into the new unified tax regime that truly binds nation with a single tax system for seamless business transactions irrespective of territorial or state boundaries. You can only ensure success of project GST by building a tailor-made infrastructure that can cater to your needs that are specific to your business. This is where Go4hosting Cloud steps in for making the transition to GST regime smooth and painless.

What is Go4hosting GST Cloud?

The specially built Go4hosting Cloud is what you have been looking for in order to manage GST by effectively overcoming number of roadblocks in achieving flawless GST compliance. By integrating proficient GST infrastructure support technicians, dedicated implementers and consultants specialized in transition to GST, Go4hosting has added support of an enterprise class public cloud platform to deal with variety of issues that may be faced during adoption of GST.

Real-time GST resource scaling with auto scalable Go4hosting Cloud

GST Obstacle

Peak-time resource restrictions can jeopardize even the most meticulously built cloud for transitioning to GST system. Loss of valuable uptime during spikes can lead to irrecoverable business transactions. Therefore ASPs must be highly selective while choosing the right cloud service.


Thanks to its vertical as well as horizontal scalability, Go4hosting Cloud is an intelligent platform that is capable of predicting and fulfilling resource demands in response to waxing and waning of traffic. Eliminate the risk of downtime while running mission critical GST workloads with dynamic and real-time scaling of vital resources.

Committed GST Infrastructure Experts for Your Enterprise’ GST Infrastructure Need

GST Obstacle

Since GST is an entirely new ball-game, one needs a special purpose cloud solution to deal with unpredictable nature of GST ecosystem. It is hard to foresee volume of GST transactions taking place at any moment of the day. Such oscillating demands can significantly disrupt business processes, thereby impacting revenues.


Unique attribute of Go4hosting Cloud facilitates a predictable infrastructure backed by expert GST infra technology consultants. These experts help you determine precise GST requirements of your business for right sizing of your cloud environment. Go4hosting Cloud is specially and precisely built to make optimum use of your investments for mitigating unused resources.

Tier III Data Center & GST compliant infrastructure for your applications

GST Obstacle

GST transition must be backed by secure environment for protecting your mission-critical data. Such an environment can safeguard your commercial data and other critical information and the same is only possible in a cloud computing resource that has ability to protect hosted GST implementation.


Go4hosting cloud is built on a rock-solid foundation of Tier III data centers that have been built to seamlessly comply with resource intensive GST operations. You can rest assured about protection of your business critical GST data since seven layers of Go4hosting Cloud extend unwavering protection across all infrastructure for flawless data privacy.

Mitigate OpEx By 50% by Go4hosting Cloud Solution

GST Obstacle

On-premise infrastructures are governed by extremely high investments such as purchase of costly hardware and networking equipment in addition to expenditure of running and maintaining the facilities. This is the reason why most of the ASPs leverage cloud to eliminate upfront costs of onsite IT infrastructure. However, it can turn out to be expensive, if the ASPs adopt plans with fixed costs.


Go4hosting cloud facilitates dynamic pay-as-you-use model offered by Go4hosting is based on dynamic cost computation method. It offers assured savings of up to seventy percent as compared with the traditional fixed costs model. The utility payment method allows you to account only for the GST resources that may be consumed.

Deploy GST Cloud Infrastructure in Less than 5 Minutes

You can put to rest all your concerns about meeting GST implementation deadlines because Go4hosting’s technical experts have gained enough expertise to make your enterprise fully GST compliant in not more than ten minutes.

Exclusive and dedicated GST support by Go4hosting helps you mitigate the time consuming roadblocks in on-premise IT infrastructures including license software implementation, OS installation, hardware procurement, and deployment of supporting software.

How Go4Hosting Helps Taxpayers, ASP and GSP?

Whether you are a taxpayer, ASP, or GSP; Go4hosting Cloud offers dedicated GST support that has seamless compatibility with mission critical application such as ERP, Tally, or SAP HANA etc.

Tax Payers

Taxpayers can look forward to an end-to-end consultation for deploying the application on Go4hosting Cloud that covers accounting, taxation, operating systems, databases, and platforms.

There is no need to go for an over-sized infrastructure since Go4hosting supports unique features of auto-scaling of resources in response to higher as well as lower resource requirements.


The seamless and secure environment of Go4hosting infrastructure supports your GST transition with hundred-percent uptime guarantee of top-tiered data center facilities. ASPs & GSPs are able to allow their taxpayers perform smooth interactions with GST systems in a protected environment of Go4hosting Cloud.

Forget the hassles of unpredictable resource requirements with vertical and horizontal scaling facilities provided by Go4hosting Cloud. Since your real-time resource needs are effectively addressed, you can continue to implement GST workloads without fear of downtime.

Why Go4hosting is your one stop solution GST Cloud Infrastructure Requirement?

Go4hosting has designed a fully GST ready environment that addresses all possible GST hurdles to help you achieve GST transition in matter of only ten minutes. You are assured of a seamlessly available and secure environment backed by cost effective payment arrangements.

The exclusive GST support offered by Go4hosting Cloud facilitates your enterprise with a supportive handholding in terms of all complex technical aspects of your GST compliance.

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