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Why Go4hosting Is Considered As Best Data Center In India

Go4hosting data center is a paradigm of excellence. The services offered by Go4hosting data center are unbeatable in terms of infrastructure, security, feasibility, and off course in customer service. Various modules integrated with the offered data center services, ensure the smooth and swift working of the business operations relying on our data center.

Sterling Infrastructure
Spread across 25,000 square feet with around 5000 square feet sellable space, Go4Hosting Data Center in India uses redundant Cisco and Foundry components to dispose of any single point of failure. With Load bearing capacity of 2 Tons/ Rittal Rack and separate elevators for movement of Servers and Racks, we employ branded hardware for unprecedented performance.

Network Availability
Importance of network uptime can be easily comprehended by the one, who has encountered business loss due to server downtime. But, the worries come to an end, when your service provider is Go4hosting. We, offer 99.95% of network uptime SLA, which ensures that you will not face more than 4 hours of network downtime in a year.

Nonstop Power Supply
Our data center is equipped with incomparable dual active power system with 1 MVA on 33 KVA Line. Including this, we have redundant generator, UPS, and 5000 liters of diesel available with up to 48 hours of backup. Hence, no space for power faults.

Outstanding Data Security Alarm
Data is a vital element. Any loss of this crucial data can wrack your business in a jiffy. The data center at Go4hosting is under the watchdog of five major layers, which cuts off the risk of illegal or unwanted access and data loss.

  • 24×7 Security Officers and Armed Guards
  • CCTV and Recorders
  • Card System
  • Motion Detection
  • Biometric Hand Geometry Readers
  • Datacenter Control Systems
  • Water Leak Detection System & Rodent Repellent System

Efficacious Customer Support
Wherever you stuck, we are there for you. Go4hosting offers impeccable customer support, independent of all the factors. You can call at any point of time (24×7) for all your queries, doubts, or for feedback.

All these unparalleled features of Go4hosting data center, makes it a best data center in India.

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