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Understanding Relevance of Windows VPS for hosting nopCommerce Platform

Most of the ecommerce applications that are based on ASP.Net are characterized by complex setup procedures and are available as paid versions. Owners of ecommerce stores can now manage their store with an application having ASP.Net support without going for complex and paid solutions.

The open source and stable nopCommerce solution is the perfect and fully customizable platform to run ecommerce ventures. It is also regarded as a remarkably stable and usable platform with an active support of its vibrant community. nopCommerce is developed around MVC and ASP.Net and uses MS SQL as a backend server.


Top-Notch E commerce Solution

Since user friendly nopCommerce platform is built on MVC architecture, it is ideal for development tasks. It is also a perfect and stable solution with assurance of security as well as scalability.

If you are an e-commerce expert, then you can access complete source code of nopCommerce as a free download to help you customize it according to individual requirements. You can even build an intuitive mobile version of the e-commerce venture due to its excellent mobile compatibility.

It helps addition of unlimited categories as well as products to expand your e-commerce shop. Users can always bank on the active nopCommerce community that is constantly engaged in updating its security and stability by introducing fresh versions from time to time.

Remarkable Support for Variety of E-commerce Functions

Growing competitiveness and proliferation of smart phones necessitate online business websites to be compatible with mobile screens. A mobile friendly website guarantees support from modern customers who prefer to use their mobile phones for browsing online offers and shops. nopCommerce facilitates creation of mobile friendly e-commerce sites to keep ecommerce entrepreneurs in sync with the competition.

The user friendly administration page of nopCommerce is highly useful for management of several front end stores by allowing catalogue sharing and customer data sharing among a wide range of stores.

Every ecommerce venture needs a robust solution for effective and secure online transaction. nopCommerce facilitates this by providing hassle free access to all major credit cards and debit cards. It goes one step ahead and enables creation of payment rules in accordance with countries.

Specific Requirements For nopCommerce Platform

You can run nopCommerce on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7 or 8 and Windows Server 2008 or 2012. It is highly compatible with IIS 7.0 and above.

Shared Hosting and nopCommerce

One of the major concerns with nopCommerce is its resource intensive character. It offers most optimum performance in a dedicated application pool and full trust level. Since nopCommerce consumes excess RAM, it can lead to the crashing of an application pool if the set limit of RAM on the server is saturated. Therefore it’s advisable to consider VPS server hosting for running several instances of nopCommerce.

nopCommerce can be described as resource hogging ecommerce platform and cause your e-commerce site to slow down if the same is running in a shared hosting environment. The retarding effect can also be attributed to presence of large and unused log files, graphic images, multiplicity of fonts, low configured servers, and restricted application pool memory among others. This can also lead to resource crunch that can impact other websites on same server in shared hosting.

E-commerce stores that foresee a sound growth may find database restrictions in shared hosting. This can also lead to greater consumption of RAM by SQL Server in few instances. It is observed that nopCommerce databases are accountable for majority of issues related with SQL Server load. These issues can be averted by truncating database log files to the maximum or profiling SQL queries.

VPS Hosting and nopCommerce

Hosting nopCommerce on Windows VPS is recommended if you need to exploit amazing advantages of this fascinating e-commerce platform. Following are distinct advantages of hosting nopCommerce on Windows VPS server.

Guaranteed performance- Since nopCommerce strives in a stable and isolated environment, it performs to its fullest in VPS hosting since it has ability to provide a secure and isolated existence to support your e-commerce operation. You may design a compelling website for your e-commerce store, but in the absence of high performance hosting you will not be able to attract your customers. This is absolutely possible if your site runs in Windows VPS hosting with support of nopCommerce platform.

Robust Security- You are running a risk of harming your online enterprise by choosing shared hosting. E-commerce applications need a secure environment for handling online transactions that can be available in Windows VPS hosting. Security and privacy of VPS hosting assures protection of your business critical data as well as customer related data.

Dependable Hosting- Virtual Private Server hosting is reckoned for its reliability. It also provides assurance of scalable resources including bandwidth so that you are able to grow your business without any concerns about availability of resources for running your e-commerce store in nopCommerce platform.


Your nopCommerce platform fully deserves optimum availability of critical resources for it to perform to its fullest capacity. Give your ecommerce store the advantage of nopCommerce platform by running it in Windows VPS environment.

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