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Understanding Relevance of Dedicated Servers for Gaming

Technological advances in graphics and improved internet accessibility have changed the way people play video games. Instead of computer based games played by handful people, the modern online games involve participants from different continents who can pick teams and beat scores in games that are powered by virtual reality and high definition graphics.

Growing number of gaming enthusiasts across the globe has resulted in demand for stable and scalable dedicated servers that guarantee seamless gaming experience. These high performance servers are designed to handle traffic that is generated by millions of online gamers that access gaming website concurrently from diverse geographical locations across the world.

Brief account of development of dedicated servers for gaming

Buying play-station, Nintendo, or Xbox 360 is not everyone’s cup of tea. The latest online games involve multi-player features and are free from the possibility of boredom that may be caused by conventional games. New versions of online games that can be accessed via internet provide amazing speed, quality, and clarity.

Dedicated server based online games support multi-player functionalities with high end bandwidth for incessant availability. Popularity of online games has resulted in development of dedicated servers for gaming.

Players purchased dedicated servers and positioned them at colocation data center by renting the rack-space. The colocation services proved to be extremely valuable and the use of dedicated servers for multi player gaming websites has now become commonplace.

Significance of locally hosted servers

Dedicated servers that are positioned in the same region are preferred to those based in foreign countries. Therefore players from Australia would experience the least latency if the gaming server is positioned in the same country. This explains why leading companies engaged in providing gaming services choose dedicated server hosting services from different countries.

According to the Edward Fong, MD at Ubisoft from Australia, the Australian gamers deserve equally advanced online environment as the players from other countries in different parts of the world

Thanks to dedicated servers that have facilitated shift from artificial intelligence to MMORPG or Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games such as World of Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Ragnarok Online, and Dungeons and Dragons to name a few.

Ability of dedicated servers to support these sophisticated online games that can be operated by players across multiple locations in real time is attributed to the amazingly high bandwidth, RAM, and remarkable data processing capacity.

PYOS (Purchase Your Own Server)

Serious gamers have gone one step further by purchasing their own server. This was started after some gaming groups in South Africa purchased servers for operating black Ops 3. This also followed online petitions that encouraged creators to think about setting up servers in the region.

This has opened up possibilities of hosting own server to enjoy a gaming weekend that can obviate need to flock to open and commercial servers and annoying interruptions from unidentified users. You can even select the game options as desired by you or alter the configurations and catch the cheaters. In spite of their costs and operating complexities, dedicated servers offer more pros than cons.

Special needs of gaming servers

If you look at the list of gaming server requirements, then you will find that almost all needs are centered on high performance only. This is mainly due to exceptionally high demands of gaming environment. In fact, the two most notable requirements of server for gaming are ultrafast performance and minimum or no latency. Other features of dependability, availability, security are also expected from gaming operators.

Considering these criteria one does not need to be an expert to understand that these can only be fulfilled by dedicated servers. In spite of advent of cloud servers or VPS hosting, the gold standard for gaming remains to be dedicated servers.

Low latency of servers- Higher latency can result in a compromised gaming experience and delayed responses. This can lead to loss of your game characters much before you are able to defend these and ultimately can cost you the game. On the contrary a lower latency will reduce the ping and facilitate instant reflexes or early responses to give you an upper hand over your opponents.

Superior performance- Dedicated servers have been proved to augment performance to greater extent in comparison with all other types of servers. These support better speed and increased bandwidth to accelerate loading as well as response times for an utterly enjoyable and gratifying gaming experience.

Reliable option- Reliability is one of the most noteworthy features of dedicated servers in addition to security and control of hosting environment. Dedicated server hosting is an obvious choice of gaming enthusiasts because of guaranteed uptime, option of unmetered bandwidth, flawless network monitoring and dependable security.

No wonder some of the most popular games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization V, Minecraft, Counter Strike-Global Offensive, and Serious Sam 3-BFE are offered on dedicated servers for the most satisfying and competitive multi-player gaming experience.

Whether you are part of a large gaming corporation or have a setup for home gaming, dedicated servers have you covered due to their massive computing power and stability of performance under challenging conditions.

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