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Network Downtime May Cause Serious Repercussions

When the economy is changing immensely, businesses are focusing more on strategic hosting options that can fulfill their critical business operations with all the essential nourishment. And, if you are into online business, it is indispensably crucial that you get an unstoppable network availability, bandwidth and security in a way to leverage the ongoing business. As per the reports and various research conducted by top firms, any downtime can seriously disrupt the business functions and can lead to huge losses, in terms of business reputation, revenues, and competitive edge. These are just a few of the repercussions of network downtime; there can be many other as well. One of the major driving factors that increases IT investments – are network connectivity and business connectivity solutions.

As a matter of fact, chances of downtime can be mitigated by integrating disaster recovery planning with business operations. And, being candid, it is only possible by opting for a right data center service provider. Undeniably, data center is the central location for all the business functionalities. Thus, it is incredibly crucial that enterprises should partner with robust data center that is well-equipped with all the business surviving elements. In simpler terms, choose a data center service vendor that offers disaster recovery plans to meet your business requirements, such as point objectives, recovery time, and so on.

To ensure that your business runs at a faster pace, do not get baffled while making a data center choice. There are only a few of the data center service vendors that offer cutting-edge disaster recovery plans that can manifestly work at the time of disaster, and the rest of them just claim so. As per the Gartner’s report, only 35% of businesses (few years ago) were able to recover their data that was lost in a disaster and that too not with 100% recovery.

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To locate a secured data center, where there are hundreds of service providers claiming for robust network infrastructure, uptime, security, and other components, is probably a difficult task. The major cause for wrong selection occurs due to – not comprehensively analyzing the provider’s strength, experience, data center ratings, redundancies, and service level agreements. However, this can be corrected by reading the reviews, personally visiting the data center, making queries for data migration and disaster recovery planning, etc.

A service provider with pragmatic approach towards DR will strengthen businesses and assist them thrive in the competitive world. Therefore in the end, it can be concluded that having DR recovery plans in place will envision unpredictable disasters. Only those enterprises can seek for performance that have partnered with a breakthrough data center service provider, and the rest will be left behind.

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