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Key to Finding a Good Domain Name for a 2018 Website

Key to Finding a Good Domain Name for a 2018 Website

A domain name can almost make or break a business because this is what an Internet user will be searching for to find your site online. A survey conducted by the Domain Name Association obtained data depending on the internet usage patterns and preferences of surfers to come up with factors which should be considered when fixing a domain name. According to their studies, nearly 85% of Internet users will type a domain name address onto the browser directly while almost 93% will type in either a relevant keyword or company name to search for a site in a search engine. This shows the value of having an appropriate and catchy domain name which users can find easily.

What do you need to have the right domain name?

Before you reach out to a provider for domain names you need to see what links and references come up in a search on this domain name in Google. You need to use Google penalty checker resources to ensure that this name does not have penalty against it. You must also make sure that your preferred name is available for use on social media networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

How to get the perfect domain name:

One of the first things to remember when choosing a domain name for your website is that it must include relevant keywords. This can give easy recognition to your business. It is also important to include only those words which can give viewers a clear idea about your business. So, these words should essentially cover your products and services, description of your business and words which online users will typically type to look for your services. An important point to remember in this connection is that the addition of keywords in the domain name should not appear as having been forced.

It is also recommended that when choosing a domain name for your site for 2018, you should include appropriate domain extensions. This is because your domain is integral to your brand image and it therefore must be unique. It should never be a copy of any other popular brand because this will only serve to confuse the viewers. At the same time, in an effort to be different from the rest, you should not end up using incorrect spellings of important keywords which can have an adverse impact.

Unless you can get traffic to your website, you cannot ensure business success. So, your task is to get a domain name which is eye catchy and which can interest your viewers enough to visit the site. The domain name for any website should work like a brand logo; so it important for it to be catchy and easy to remember. You need to include words that have mass appeal and stay away from numbers or hyphens and other characters which make the domain name hard to remember.Typing the domain name has to be quick and easy; so the length of the name should ideally be short for user convenience. When a domain name is brief, chances of getting it wrong or misspelling it is far less. You may also make use of two easy words to make the domain name more memorable; this is also preferred as it is easy to fit such URLs on business cards.

Choosing a domain name which is easy to remember and pronounce is a must. Your domain name should never have lengthy, difficult-to-spell words in it which may frustrate your users. The users are hesitant to browse such websites and will navigate to other sites. As humans, we are more likely to appreciate things which are easy to recall and process. So, the domain name you select must guarantee easy readability for readers and convince them that it is not a spam website.

When you register a domain name, it is very important to avoid one which has been copyrighted or which is being used by some other business. This would amount to violation of a trademark and may even lead to lawsuits. Incidentally, there are people who register domains using different extensions in an attempt to steal traffic. This is called cyber squatting and one must be wary of this.

When you find that the domain name you want is not available, you can add handy prefixes and suffixes to it or use an alternative TLD extension.

The best way to get a good domain name for your site is to be innovative and look for something that is attention catching. You can use your creativity to come up with new catchy words using parts of two keywords.

In addition to these guidelines there are some tools for domain name selection purposes, such as DomainTyper and Domainr. When you are keen to build a permanent global brand image it is best to choose “.com” as this is by far the most well known and continues to be more influential than the rest.

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