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Is It Optimal To Move Shared Account To VPS

The growth of web hosting industry is unbeatable and consistent. A small startup company or young aspirants can establish themselves as a brand with no big investments. Whether you are planning to move on the bandwagon by starting your own venture or you are targeting global market for your business, it is imperative to be linked to absolute hosting solution.

With bouquet of hosting solutions available today, VPS hosting is considered as one of the most optimal solutions. VPS presents the unique combination of dedicated server functionality, reliability, power clubbed with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of shared server hosting. It offers same complement of software applications and operating systems which one would expect from a dedicated server.

Let’s dig little deeper to comprehend the benefits of VPS hosting over Shared:

Enhanced Performance: Backed with robust virtualization technology, each VPS is sliced into dedicated platforms to accomplish business operations with no hassle. It provides absolute isolation from other hosted websites on the server, stability and security and thereby ensuring unswerving performance for your business-critical websites.

Greater Control: Unlike shared hosting account, VPS hosting allows you to have complete control on your web presence. You can efficiently manage and install software applications using a web-based control panel. Also, you have the freedom to decide which operating system and what all third-party software tools you want to run on your server.

Dedicated Resource Allocation: Virtual private servers are allotted with dedicated disk space, RAM, bandwidth and CPU independent of other allocations on the hardware node. If any of the neighboring website unexpectedly demands more bandwidth, it would not affect your website performance. This is one of the pros of VPS hosting.

Cost-effectiveness: Although VPS hosting is expensive than shared, the features and customizable options it provide overweighs its expensive cost.

Security: VPS is inherently more secure than shared hosting. In VPS, each created virtual environment has independent file system and its administrators.  You can define your security protocols and install intrusion antidotes easily, which is not at all feasible with shared hosting.

Whether you need a minimal allocation to run a web server or enough resources to support extensive database applications and heavy web traffic, VPS hosting will let you to do so.

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